Kno Textbook App Launches With Early Bird Program

Kno’s CEO is Osman Rashid. His name might sound familiar as he is the co-founder Chegg. Kno originally had created a dual-screen tablet, but eventually let the hardware project go in order to focus on providing digital textbooks that are affordable and online textbooks that are accessed through today’s hottest gadgets: Tablet computers!

The Kno Textbook App is receiving a lot of buzz in educational social-circles throughout the U.S. College students are already desperately seeking iPad textbooks and Android textbooks so that they can finally release themselves from the burden of lugging huge, heavy textbooks around everywhere they go.

The main highlights and features of the Kno Textbook App are:

A growing catalog of more than 70,000 textbooks at discounts averaging 30-50%
Course Manager – Quickly and efficiently organize your textbooks and materials all in one organized space
Chapter Preview – A fast method to find the educational content you wish
The ability to highlight content and create sticky notes – Extremely Helpful!
Words to Friends – Share your thoughts with your social network directly from within your etextbooks! Send your classmates relevant study notes directly through Twitter and Facebook!

The best part about the Kno Textbook App is that it is currently FREE TO DOWNLOAD! Once students download the textbook app for free, they can then purchase their online textbooks from the Kno etextbooks store. Of course, students then download textbooks directly through the Kno store platform as well. Better still, right now students can participate in the Kno Textbook App’s Early Bird Program and get a FULL REFUND on their first digital textbook purchase. All that is required is that students “Like” Kno’s Facebook Page and participate in their student-feedback program. On top of all of this, students can feel safe purchasing any number of etextbooks through Kno as they offer a 15-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all purchases.

I am hoping that Kno will consider developing innovative iPad Math Apps and interactive iPad Science Apps in the future as well!


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