All over the world, technology has replaced or is currently replacing a wide variety of the way we used to do things. Even the way college students purchase and use their textbooks has been “advanced” in numerous ways. There are now a number of ways to access student textbooks at, as they have kept up with the advancing technology. offers students the option of buying college textbooks directly from the company to save money, and they can often opt to download their textbooks. Downloadable etextbooks are a very cost-effective way for college students to get all the information that they need in a very efficient manner. The etextbooks can even be printed out, although some can only be printed out at a rate of about 100 pages per day. However, most of them can be printed out with no limitations.

Some students actually prefer having a hard copy physical text book over an etextbook, and for them, is an excellent place to order their books . At, students can save up to 90% on their book purchases, which makes it much easier on the often cash-strapped student. For many of today’s “high-tech minded” students, etextbooks already have a presence in the classroom as they may have found their required textbook in a digital format and purchased it directly online . Two big pluses that go along with choosing etextbooks…it is the least expensive way to get all the textbook information needed, and with ebooks, there is no need to lug heavy those heavy books around.

When a student chooses to purchase hard copy books from, they can also get free shipping on orders over $25.00. In addition to that, they also receive a 100% 30 day money back guarantee on all book purchases. They also offer one on one customer support. They have a referral service which pays students $5.00 for each student that they refer! The service at has a solid reputation of maintaining some of the highest standards in the textbook ecommerce industry.

Better yet, also offers students the option to purchase used textbooks as opposed to brand new ones. This option, of course, can offer a considerable amount of additional cost-saving options for students. So, there are several options for the student who prefers to have their books in hard copy as opposed to downloading digital textbooks. offers both options to cater to their diverse target market.

Another option that is offered at is the option to rent textbooks instead of buying them. If renting is the preferred option, makes it very easy for you. After students are finished with their textbooks, they can return them with no shipping charges at all. Ordering college textbooks from is a very easy process from start to finish.


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