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Textbook coupons are a great way to save money when purchasing and renting both traditional textbooks (paperback and hardcover) and etextbooks online. Use these textbook coupons (sometimes referred to as textbook discount codes) when buying textbooks online as they can save you a tremendous amount of money! If you can not find the free textbook you need, then minimizing the damage to your wallet is a smart choice. Typically, students can pay hundreds of dollars for textbooks every semester, so using just one textbook coupon can drastically cut costs for the average student.

It’s no big secret that the purchasers and end users of most textbooks consider the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for a textbook and then not being able to fully recover the cost as heart-breaking. The students are left in the dark and end up having to just pay for the books the best way that they can. While there are options available to lessen the cost, not all of them are widely known. One of the less commonly used ways to pay for textbooks at a discount is through the use of textbook coupons.

Just what are textbooks coupons? They are just like manufacturer coupons that the average shopper uses to buy groceries, clothing, or other items a discounted price. However, they typically come in the form of a discount code or special string of text. A large majority of the more well-known textbook stores offer and accept textbook coupons. Online retailers like Amazon, AbeBooks, and BookByte are just a few that are working to accept and expand the use of textbook coupons. Students should always check out their schools main website and their books store to find out if these textbook coupons are available and where students can use them. The fun thing is that universities can actually help in offering and expanding the availability of textbook coupons through their normal communication channels with students. Saving students money.

Another benefit of using textbook coupons is that many times they are compatible with other related supplementary materials. Meaning that you can save money on more than just your textbooks, but also on things like CD’s & software, textbook covers, and much more. So next time you need more than just textbooks for school, look for textbook coupons that you might be able to use with other school related purchases. This is a nice tip for saving money every semester.

Students, bookstores, colleges/universities, and textbook publishers greatly benefit from the distribution and use of textbook coupons. Whenever you need a textbook coupon, visit this page!

Feel free to use the following textbook coupons and discount codes, all from reputable textbook stores. We try to keep this page updated with new coupons so bookmark it for future reference and tell all your friends!

*Updated on February 1, 2012


Lot’s of new and exciting coupons for the New Year, and to start things off here is a great discount code from Cengage Brain! This coupon will begin working on January 1st, so keep it close-by!

Offer: Get $10 off any $80+ purchase
Coupon Code: SBTS10
Expires: 2/29/12
FYI, this coupon does NOT work with Aplia products & rentals.


Take advantage of these new eCampus coupon codes!

Coupon Code: HOHOS
Offer: Receive $3 off orders over $60

Coupon Code: TWINKIES
Offer: Receive $4 off any order over $80

Coupon Code: ZINGERS
Offer: Receive $5 off orders over $100

*Coupon codes for eCampus will expire on 3/15/2012.


New coupon codes from Textbook Stop are here, check them out:

Receive $5 MORE when you sell $50+ worth of textbooks!
Coupon Code: CUPID

Receive 5% OFF when you Rent or Buy textbooks!
Coupon Code: LOVE

Both coupon codes expires February 29th, 2012.


These coupon codes are valid between 1/1/12 and 2/15/12, and only at Phat Campus.

$3 off purchases of $30+
Coupon Code: COOL3

$5 off purchases of $50+
Coupon Code: COOL5

$7 off purchases of $75+
Coupon Code: COOL7


Code – Offer:
savemoney – 5.55% off any order over $50
supersaver – 5% off any order
chaching – 6% off any order over $70

Coupon codes for Campus Book Rentals will expire about a year from now, on 12/31/2012.

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