Database Marketing

If Customer Orientation is important to a business then introduction to database marketing courses should be of interest. Databases serve as storehouses for information, so database marketing uses customer information to better serve their customers by collecting customer information, analyzing customer information and organizing it to better market their products. Database marketing classes will teach students how to retrieve, manipulate and utilize information from customers stored in databases. The focus of database marketing courses is to show how database marketing enables companies to target specific individuals, markets and sectors with highly tailored messages, greatly increasing sales.

Database marketing involves using database marketing techniques to manage large volumes of customer information and engage in data analysis and statistics to greater utilize massive and diverse information sources. The idea is to build math models to better predict customer behavior. These large scale endeavors often employ marketing departments in the entire process of evaluating their customers and their customers’ needs.

The most popular texts in database marketing courses include Data Mining Techniques by S Linoff and Michael J Berry, Introduction to Online Marketing and Industry Research by Cynthia L Shamel, and BusinessObjects XI by Cindi Howson.

BusinessObvjects XI by Cindi Howson highly technical book covers Business Objects programs’ SQL parameters, web intelligence and designing databases. index awareness, market awareness and OLAP technology are discussed in depth. A myriad of issues that arise from using the Business Objects program will find answers and solutions in this text.

Data Mining Techniques by S Linoff and Michael J Berry shows students how to get at customer information using the latest database collection systems, and how to organize and utilize database marketing notes and other information into a coherent business strategy. This book discusses the best marketing techniques and the solutions to common business problems. The authors discuss the latest data collection techniques and organizes them into discussions of issues like survival analysis, association rules, decision trees and link analysis. The book covers using spreadsheet programs like Excel to perform data mining, analysis and utilization.

Introduction to Online Marketing and Industry Research by Cynthia L Shamel from the Business Research Solutions Series, discusses database search methods and data source information. Using database research information a business environment can be defined, and then informed market decisions can be made. The idea is to make cost-effective decisions based on database information.

A database marketing course offers students the opportunity to learn how to take vast information and realize a large return on the investment by utilizing fascinating and challenging techniques. Detailed information about customers — their buying history, how often they buy, what they prefer to buy — make up databases. The ability to use that information is important stuff.

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