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Homework can be quite a drag. There is probably not a single student in the world who, at one time or another, has not complained about a heavy homework load. If only there were some way to make the task of completing homework assignments easier…

Fortunately for these students free online homework help, and non-free online homework help and tutoring services are available. There are several websites that students of any age can use to help them out with their assignments. Homework help is now available with just a click of a button!

This article will attempt to cover the major websites which offer free online homework help and websites that charge for their services. Why pay for homework help? Well, generally payed tutors are going to provide one on one assistance with a student; where as free options may not be so interactive. Read more to find out which option is best for you or your child’s needs.

Free Options

Chatterbee’s Homework Help Center is an extensive resource comprised of a huge collection of free educational websites. Though not all of the websites are focused on providing “homework help” specifically, all of the websites are extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and relevant to what many students need help with while studying and completing homework assignments.

Free Student Resources by Discovery Education is a great website for kids of all ages who are struggling with nearly any subject. Great tutorials are on this website for helping students. In addition, Discovery spares no expense immersing students with a variety of interactive options.

Math.com is a fantastic website for people of all ages and grade levels that are searching for free math homework help. This website offers an incredible selection free tools, calculators, and practice lessons and problems. A great value for all students (especially K-12) in need of additional mathematics assistance.

Non-Free, Premium Services

HomeworkHelp.com is powered by the AccuLive Tutoring Club. Potential users can receive a free one-day pass and software trial, after which they will need to pay for membership. Not only are there online tutorials— with thousands of lessons and quiz questions — but the site runs an online shop where students and teachers can buy all kinds of computer programs for aiding students. These include an English Resource Center, consisting of four CDs on spelling, grammar and composition; Vocabulary Booster; Middle School Math; High School Math; Biology; and Chemistry. This website is great for middle school and high school homework help.

Tutor.com is a great website if you are looking for live, premium homework help. This site is wonderful for test preparation because you can speak with a real, professional tutor the day before your test. Great for boosting your confidence before the big day. Tutor.com is a well reviewed website that has many faithful followers. Tutor.com To Goâ„¢, a companion app from Tutor.com, is available for use on iPhones and iPads. Tutor.com also partners with many libraries across the U.S. to provide greater convenience for students.

TutorVista is another premium tutoring service. Tutors here specialize in different subjects in each grade (3 through 12). This tutoring service claims over 6,317,000 live tutoring sessions completed.

Publicly Funded Homework Help

The following websites bring up an important point! Check with your local library to see if they offer free homework help programs. Many libraries provide such services. A good starting point is your library’s website. Use PublicLibraries.com or Google Maps to find more information about your nearest library.

Live Homework Help by the Los Angeles Public Library requires a library card issued by the County of Los Angeles (CA) to make use of its services. Students K- 12 can receive free online homework help in their subjects in any one of three languages— English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. College students and adult learners can also get aid and support in these languages, not only with their coursework but also with preparation for GED and citizenship tests.

Alabama’s Free Live Online Homework Help Service offers free homework help using the Tutor.com platform. Its services are offered through the State Library of Alabama at specific times.


Free online homework help can be a tremendous blessing — provided that the student does not use the Internet to do his work for him! Homework help websites and services allow students to get their assignments done much faster. As a result, students have more time to enjoy doing the things they love during their after-school hours.

In a time crunch, remember that you can use a website that has live chat support to receive help instantly.

Whether you are in middle school, high school or going for your bachelors, there are plenty of websites outlined in this article that can help you get through all of the stress caused by homework.

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