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Harcourt Reading series is one of the most popular programs for students and teachers in the elementary grades. The Harcourt Reading platform assists students in Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade. Whether you are a teacher, or a parent of a child in grades kindergarten through sixth, Harcourt has the stories your children will enjoy. The reading materials are interesting and engaging and make reading fun. When children are first learning to read, providing interesting stories with fun pictures and interactive Harcourt reading activities will make children keep asking for more.

Not only will parents find the Harcourt Reading program helpful, teachers will also use the program to give students more individualized instruction. Not every student in first grade will read at the same level. As a teacher, you will be able to assign different stories and activities to meet the unique needs of your children. The Harcourt reading resources include phonics activities, theme ideas and information about the author.

Some of the most popular titles include “I Read Signs” for kindergartners, “Lucy’s Quiet Book” for second graders, and “The Kid’s Invention Book” for fourth graders. The fun titles will catch the students’ attention and help them learn the basics of phonics and learning to read at their own grade level. Once kids get hooked on a series, they will enjoy coming back for more stories. Since there are other resources and activities included with the Harcourt Reading series, it will make it easy to extend learning beyond the original book. There are many themed stories that will tie into the current season or holiday. Have fun providing reading activities that will excite your students and make stories come alive.

Harcourt Reading Storytown is the perfect resource to engage your students in interactive reading. Today’s children are technology savvy and they enjoy playing games on the computer. Using Harcourt Reading Storytown will not only help the students learn to read better, it will help them have fun while they reading. Students will log into the interactive page and work their way through different levels as they learn to read new words and develop reading comprehension skills. Give your children a boost in their education by helping them develop a love of reading at an early age.

The Harcourt Reading program will be a great asset to any classroom or home. With the different reading levels you will be able to help children learn to read from a point where they are comfortable and work their way up to more advanced stories. Reading is a fundamental skill and the earlier your child learns to read, the more successful he or she will be in school and life. The stories included in the Harcourt Reading program will make your children smile and tempt their imagination.

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