With tuition prices souring, college students need a textbook website that offers textbooks at great prices. is an online retailer that offers excellent prices on college textbooks and a wide variety of other books. High school students can find many of their assigned book titles at TextbooksRus as well. Additionally, they carry various other types of books such as children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, and more.
Most notably, they also rent textbooks. This is a wonderful option for those students who want to save money and return the book at the end of the semester. Some students become frustrated with the buyback price offered on books they have purchased brand new. Renting textbooks is a solution to this problem. Students simply pay a rental fee for the semester and ship the book back to TextbooksRus free of charge when the semester is over.

Another amazing service that TextbooksRus offers its customers is textbook buyback. Students simply enter the ISBN from the book that they wish to sell. TextbooksRus immediately provides the student with an online offer. Once the student accepts the offer, they receive a FedEx shipping label that allows the student to ship the book free of charge. Students can earn an extra 10% when they elect TextbooksRus store credit. This additional Textbooksrus store credit is above and beyond the original buyback quote and it can be used to purchase anything on offers cash to students for DVDs or video games. That is right; students who have outgrown certain video game titles or DVDs can now make cash through the TextbooksRus digital media buyback program. Simply enter the UPC code from the DVD or video game online and the customer receives an immediate offer for the title. A FedEx shipping label is provided for free shipping. The customer can choose to be paid through a check, PayPal or store credit. When electing to receive store credit, the customer receives an additional 5%.

Students benefit from this all-inclusive approach to textbooks. They can purchase books at reasonable rates or rent textbooks for a great discount. If purchasing textbooks, upon completion of the course they can quickly sell the textbook back through the buyback program and gain extra cash that can be put towards the next semester’s books or however they please. Students can also generate income by selling their DVDs or video games online. This can possibly generate a great amount of free cash depending on how extensive their library is. Many students have compiled hundreds of titles and video games leading up to college and may possibly benefit greatly from this option. Ultimately, TextbooksRus offers excellent services for college students today, and they can save hundreds of dollars by utilizing this website every semester. They are reputable and have been selling books for more than 15 years.

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