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The Expresate online textbook is for students who are taking a Spanish language class and do not want to have to deal with the hassle of carrying around a hard copy of their Expresate textbook. The Expresate textbook is published by Holt, who has now merged with McDougal to provide excellent learning materials online to students learning the Spanish language. With a Expresate online textbook, students can begin the fascinating journey of learning a new language and culture, exploring elements of Spanish culture, and become more worldly by achieving better overall understandings of the world.

The Expresate textbook is not just one textbook, instead their are five different versions of the Expresate online textbook; Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 1A, and Level 2B. The Expresate online textbook that is right for you will depend on which exact version you were assigned to use by your instructor. Students of all grade levels who are native English speakers and are interested in learning the Spanish language should definitely consider using the Expresate series of Spanish language textbooks.

Holt Spanish 1 Expresate - front cover(Level 1 Cover)

Students looking for an Expresate online textbook can find learning materials and activities provided by the Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston World Languages page with has a plethora of Spanish internet resources for students who are currently using the Expresate textbook. However, these resources do not include the actual textbook literature and instead are supplementary materials provided by Holt for free. Instructors can sign-up for access to the online Expresate textbooks and allow their students to use an online, digital version of the very same Expresate textbook they use in class. This is a great time saver for not only students, but teachers as well because now a days teachers do not have to get so bogged down in providing enough supplementary material to their students. Paper has become an increasing financial burden for schools, teachers, and students. Therefore, the advent of digital publishing of the Expresate textbook online will almost certainly save money for all those involved in using the Expresate textbook, online or offline.

Learning another language through language immersion is becoming increasingly popular among educators across the world. Not only does the Expresate online textbook provide this type of educational experience, but it does so in a way that is ideal for younger students. One of these ways is through the use of “textbook companion websites”, and Spanish students utilizing this textbook will be glad to hear there loads of resources like lab activities featuring real Spanish cities available at the companion website for Expresate hosted by Holt McDougal.

Holt Spanish 2 Expresate - front cover(Level 2 Cover)

Over fifty percent of high school students use social media websites and other interactive recreational websites. Holt is on the right track with how they are going about publishing their textbooks online and providing the necessary resources for educators and students to utilize. Compared with other Spanish online textbooks, the Expresate online textbook is extremely detailed and well written. Language learning students who may have had problems learning Spanish in the past should have no problem opening up their Expresate online textbook and begin simple learning activities and instructions that will definitely change their mentality about learning a foreign language. Thanks to the educational materials provided by Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston, using the Expresate textbook to learn Spanish is incredibly straight forward.

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The ISBN numbers for Level 1 Spanish Edition of this textbook are 0030676789 (ISBN-10) and 978-0030676789 (ISBN-13); and for Level 2 Spanish Edition, 0030712718 (ISBN-10) and 978-0030712715 (ISBN-13).

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Amazon has the Level 1 and Level 2 version of this language learning textbook in stock.

Amazon (buy a physical copy); Level 1Level 2

Spanish Editions

Expresate: Spanish 2 - front cover(Level 2 Spanish Edition Cover)
Expresate: Spanish 1 - front cover(Level 1 Spanish Edition Cover)

The ISBN numbers for Level 1 Spanish Edition of this textbook are 003045204X (ISBN-10) and 978-0030452048 (ISBN-13); and for Level 2 Spanish Edition, 0030453224 (ISBN-10) and 978-0030453229 (ISBN-13).

There are also Spanish language versions of these textbooks, you can find them at the following online stores:
Amazon; Level 1Level 2

eCampus; Level 1Level 2

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