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Ranked among the top U.S. universities in undergraduate applications on a public and private level, the University of California, Irvine’s staff and faculty hold a steady focus on combining passion and enthusiasm for knowledge and research development to provide a top quality education. To take this mission to the fullest, a university with such a high penchant for research and development in several fields of study requires access to the best textbooks and research sources. For students and faculty alike, the UCI Bookstore is available at:

210-C Student Center
Irvine, CA 92697

The official UC Irvine Bookstore website URL is:

Open to serving the needs of the entire campus population, the University of California, Irvine originally opened their local campus-based bookstore in the University Center in 1981. It has gone through two successful renovations and finally reopened its new doors in 2007. Throughout all of this, their mission has always been the same: to professionally serve the UCI community by providing an enriching, intelligent, quality education. A portion of university bookstore profits are sent directly back to the university funds while simultaneously providing a reasonable textbook discount for students. The store carries textbooks and often offers etextbooks for the following fields: medical, technical, merchandise and accounting, and many more topics. UCI students take full advantage of the fact that all of the bookstore’s textbook titles can be reserved online.

The UCI Bookstore, like most, if not all, of the university bookstores out there, offers a buyback policy for purchased coursebooks. Textbook rentals are also available for many titles. Materials for upcoming semesters are searchable online, and can be reserved for a student’s upcoming class load, including works for African American studies, to computer science, to women’s studies. Bookstore costs for new textbooks are 25% less than the publisher selling price, and 75% less for used textbooks for students.

The UCI Computerstore is located directly inside the UCI Bookstore and can be found at the following URL:

The Computerstore offers UCI students plenty of computer software and hardware options to ensure that they’re properly prepared to access all of the online learning platforms, digital textbooks, online supplemental materials, and other digital learning tools they will certainly come across during their academic studies. For UCI students that are specifically interested in Apple learning platforms like iPad textbooks, iPad Math Apps, iPad Science Apps, the UCI Computerstore sells the latest iPads and tablet-related accessories. Students can get special access to learning technology news and special discounts on digital products by checking out the Computerstore’s Facebook page

For more information about the UCI Bookstore, including reviews from UCI students, potential information regarding availability of etextbooks or options to rent textbooks, and driving directions, check out the UCI Bookstore Google Places page, the UCI Bookstore Yelp page, the UCI Bookstore foursquare page, and the official UCI Bookstore Facebook page.

For general information related to UC Irvine, check out the official website URL:

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