Pearson Success Net

Pearson Success Net is a revolutionary learning platform and tool that provides better curriculum management for teachers and helpful activities for students that correspond to their textbooks.

Benefits of Pearson SuccessNet

One benefit of Pearson SuccessNet that teachers absolutely love is the ability to access an online version of the textbook they use in class. It can be viewed as the teacher’s edition or the student’s copy. Students, teachers and parents are able to access the textbook at home through this online format. Gone are the days when students can use a “forgotten textbook” as an excuse to not do homework!

After entering their students into the Pearson Success Net system, teachers can assign lessons, quizzes and tests. Students are able to take the tests online; however, the teacher can change the settings so that the test is only available during the hours that students are normally in school. Helping eliminate any possibilities of academic dishonesty.

Once students take their tests online, immediate feedback is available. They can instantly see how many questions they got right, which ones they got wrong and how they should have answered. This frees up a lot of time that the teacher would have normally spent grading tests. It also provides fast and constructive feedback for students, which allows them to see their mistakes and begin to make improvements at their own pace.

Lessons are available online through Pearson SuccessNet. Teachers can manually assign these lessons to students, based on what they know the student needs. However, automatic recommendations will also be made, based on questions that the students answer incorrectly on the online tests. This can help provide practice in the areas that a student needs it most, without creating additional work for the teacher (creating special lesson plans, assigning extra materials, etc…).

Teachers love Pearson SuccessNet’s ability to retrieve and print scores and remediation recommendations. Teachers can view this information for their entire class and further optimize the learning environment they teach in. The customizable curriculum and assessment based instruction make Pearson SuccessNet a very valuable too.

Teachers can use SMART Board technology along with Pearson SuccessNet to interactively connect with their students and increase the accessibility of their teaching materials.

How Do I Register and Login?

For Teachers: A very detailed guide provided by Pearson about getting started with Pearson Success Net can be found here:

For Students: Need a Pearson Success Net Access Code? Your teacher should possess this code in order for you to register on the Pearson Success Net website. Once you know your access code, you can get your Pearson Success Net login information (e.g. username and password) by entering the access code on the registration page. Just click the button that says “Register” on the homepage and enter your access code.

Pearson is highly regarded among all educational institutions and it is because of the programs like Pearson Success Net that makes the education giant so successful. The Pearson name is synonymous with success and has been for many years.

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