Exam Cram

Exam Cram is a widely used book series created by Pearson Education. Pearson is now the world’s largest educational book publishing company. Exam Cram is one of Pearson’s most successful book series and is known to students world-wide. The majority of books published by this part of Pearson Education are for technical fields involving education, medical, and IT professional computer fields. Even so there are many different kinds of Exam Cam books.

There are several individual series published for a wide variety of technical fields. Each of the different disciplines will have their own devoted series from Exam Cram. Some of the more popular exams that are made for the Exam Cram series include, GMAT, PHR, NCLEX, SAT, PSAT, CCNA Security, A+, and Microsoft certifications. Pearson Education now has a division of their publishing devoted exclusively for computer aided certifications.

It is important to understand that the books are just what the name Exam Cram claim to be, practical way to cram for the exams in your field. It is not intended to use any of these to replace more complete textbooks on your field of study. They are also not meant to be used as a general reference guide, but they are a complete preparatory book for taking examinations. The format of the Exam Cram books areorganized in a way to help test your knowledge and understanding. Questions not only explain why an answer is the right one, but why other answers are incorrect.

Most students using Exam Cram books are doing so as a study guide with quizzes to build your knowledge and understanding for taking your exams. There will be questions at the end of each Chapter, specific to the material covered. There are practice exams that are also from the materials covered in the chapters. that are specific to the Chapter. Chapters broken down by course goals, allowing you to zero in on your strengths and weaknesses. There will be CDs with PDF files covering chapters, quiz questions, cramming sheets, explanatory texts, and solutions information.

What you can expect is a book full of test questions and answers only. It is most helpful if you are already experienced in your field, but want to get a handle on what the certification tests will be like. It is also good for those who have other study materials or are looking for an updated overview to refresh some of their education.

Exam Cram books are all excellent resources that are highly recommended if you fall into any of these categories. They are also worthy books for anyone who is an expert in their technical field to have on their bookshelf. Exam Cram helps students of all learning levels be prepared for anything they may encounter during their academic journey.

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