Interpersonal Communication

Communication is a necessary tool for survival. Success is achieved through a variety of means, but is rarely, if ever, achieved without communication. The Interpersonal Communications courses will introduce the student to the history of communication theories and the tools needed to succeed in social and academic arenas. The courses will emphasize various communication behavior patterns, effective listening and presentation skills along with the basic fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication.

Interpersonal Communication classes will first introduce the student to the basic concepts of verbal and non-verbal communication and its impact on personal and business relationships, employment, and the overall success of an individual and/or an organization. Some of the forms of verbal communication that the student will have the opportunity to explore will include oral communication, mediated communication, as well as written communication. The student will explore various forms of non-verbal communication which include facial expressions, gestures, as well as body language and physical appearance.

The Interpersonal Communication courses will allow the student the opportunity to identify the various channels in which communication can be executed. The channels discussed will include but are not limited to oral, written, electronic, and non-verbal body language. The student will have hands-on experience as he/she participates in activities, including oral presentations, which will allow the student to lay the foundation for effective communication. The student will learn how to prepare and execute an effective oral presentation.

Interpersonal Communication notes are critical in attaining success in the course, and a variety of supplemental information and study materials are available to our students in an effort to provide the student with an overview of the important highlights discussed throughout the course.

The student will have the opportunity to explore a variety of Interpersonal Communication courses ranging from introductory communications courses, to public speaking, delivering presentations, as well as intercultural communication. The student will also learn the effect of communication when delivered via various media avenues. The introductory Interpersonal Communication courses will introduce the student to the basic communication concepts and teach the student how to apply them to everyday activities. Later courses will focus on cultural communication, group communication, communication within the family, and political communication, amongst others.

The following Interpersonal Communication course material may be introduced to the student:

Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others by Steven A. Beebe
Understanding Interpersonal Communication, Enhanced by Richard West and Lynn H. Turner
Communication Mosiacs: An Introduction to the Field of Communication, 6th Edition by Wood
Interpersonal Messages: Communication and Relationship by Joseph A. DeVito
Communication Counts in College, Career, and Life 2/e by Worley, Worley, and Soldner
Communication Research: Asking Questions, Finding Answers, 3/e by Joann Keyton
Public Speaking for college and Career by Stephen E. Lucas

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