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As technology continues to progress exponentially, so will new technology continue to impact learning. Take for example portable computing devices (e.g. iPads and smartphones), they are becoming widely available at different price points so as to offer affordable options to the masses. These portable devices are also making education a uniquely personal experience. Personal in that it will serve as one of an individual student’s primary educational tool and over time, with technology advancing so rapidly may become the primary educational tool According to researchers Persona Access Devices will become a vital tool in alternate educational resources. What it does is it combines the function of a notebook, pen, and book all in one device; not just that it has high-speed wireless internet access which means that students will have access to millions of pages of information and it is only a click away. Perhaps most importantly, utilizing technology will provide students with an interactive learning tool that they can control.

Apple is perhaps one of the more innovative global technology companies and with the creation of the iPad they have found a way to couple entertainment with education. Apple demonstrates that you can inspire creativity with hands-on learning and their marketing catch-phrase, “There’s an app for that” also extends to school subjects like, English, History, Science, and Math. Let’s face it, most kids love technology and the iPad math apps are helping to enable learning not just inside but outside of the classroom. Their Apple App Store has literally thousands of different apps and the Ipad Math apps are transforming the way students learn. Here is a brief synopsis of some of the top iPad Math apps offered by Apple.

Math Cards, a .99 cent download, and featured by Apple as a staff favorite in 2009. This is one of the iPad math apps that provide quizzes and lessons in basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to help improve math skills.

Kids Math Fun~Third Grade, a 1.99 download, and is one of the iPad math apps that is targeted towards third graders. It helps build the math skill sets in basic arithmetic for kids in a fun way because it uses games like Double Dare and Minute Math.

Mathematical Formulas, a .99 download, is one of the iPad math apps that features dozens of math formulas in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and arithmethics, so that students can have a reference point to go back to if they forget certain formulas or even to help test themselves.

Mathematics- Mental Tricks, a 1.99 download, is one of the iPad math apps that is targeted toward advanced math students. The quicker you become the faster you progress through levels of proficiency.

Brain Tuner Lite, a free download, and is one of the many iPad math apps, that quizzes students on math concepts and what is perhaps most interesting is students can compete with kids across the word.

This is my no means an exhaustive list, you can visit the Itunes store on your iPad for more math apps.

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