iPhone Science Apps

Now you can access science anywhere with the convenience, and ease of iPhone science apps. Applications on your iPhone can range from news about the latest and greatest science research happening around the world, job openings for a start to a new science career, a search for information and facts, or just looking up the melting point of a specific chemical. iPhone science apps make it easier for anyone to get what they need with the majority of them not even needing internet access.

There are a large amount of iPhone science apps that deal with specific areas of science. There are apps for physics, biology, chemistry, biotechnology and invention, microbiology, earth, virology, geography, even astrology. Whether you are a seventh grader looking for some ideas for your science project or a college student uncovering and researching facts for your graduate thesis, the benefits of iPhone science apps are endless. The majority of the iPhone science apps are free of charge only a small percentage charge, the average amount being 99¢, but there have been a few as much as $4.99.

iPhone science apps give you access to thousands of definitions, some even linked to related terms. Science facts are neatly organized in categories and then can be easily emailed to be shared with others or sent to you. One of the great physics iPhone science apps is Iscience. It is a wonderful scientific reference containing all the important mathematical and physical formulas needed. It also offers an interactive periodical system with all the chemical elements, and all the information you might need in regards to them, like their melting point or atomic weight. IScience also has a “share” feature that allows you to export your personal PDF documents already to print any formulas you may need. This particular iPhone science app has a cost of $1.99

Another popular iPhone science app is rightfully named ‘Molecules’. This free chemistry science application allows you to view molecules in 3-D. With the swipe of your two fingers you have the capability to rotate the molecule or zoom in and out. ‘Molecules’ also give you the option of either adding a specific molecule from the RCSB Protein Data Bank or any other custom molecule you can think of. This iPhone science app also contains information about the particular molecule you are viewing.

Science facts can increase a child’s knowledge of science; children can impress their friends and answer questions correctly during class. This builds a child’s self confidence making it more appealing for them to learn. IPhone science apps are a great way to bring the knowledge of thousands of books, research journals, and information in the palm of your hand.

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