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Google Scholar is a web search engine that lists scholarly literature that includes peer reviewed online journals, full text articles or abstract, technical reports, theses, books and preprints. The Google Scholar project came to the forefront of Google developers in 2004. The user can search for physical or digital copies of articles online and from libraries. It is great for students, professors, scholars, colleges and universities. They can share their information with each other and give students an enormous, vast array of informational resources.

Google Scholar is an excellent way for students and professors to gather information from different journals and different disciplines. The Google search features include search, find, locate, and learn features with article ratings. The articles can be located by entering the word, a phrase, the author, the publication name, the date of the article, the collection, and the subject area. Students can also find legal opinions on several of the journals.

Google Scholar also offers links to several colleges and universities, it also offers support for libraries, publishers, and it gives scholarly citations. The user can search for any discipline and find an article or abstract. Many universities and colleges have links through their website that links the student up with their information and with the information from Google Scholar. This search engine for scholarly material is fairly new for Google and they are still receiving new support from libraries and colleges around the world that offer their scholarly journals and research information to be posted on the Google Scholar site.

College students can choose which search engine they would like to use or they can benefit form the school’s library resources and the Google Scholar resources. This gives the student more information to use for their research papers and especially for courses in the humanities that use journals and articles on a regular basis to go alongside the regular syllabus curriculum. Google Scholar enables libraries to join their resources with Google and allow the user to access licensed library materials and increase the exposure of the college resources to the public. The more resources the better prepared students can be when presenting reports and documents.

With the popularity of Google many students and scholars have become intrigued by their search engine, this scholarly engine is available to people who might not have access to this kind of material and it allows them to track down obscure materials. Google Scholar helps to increase student readership and consumer interest in the universities as well as Google. This search engine offers citations and hyperlinks, and it also gives legal case documentation in every state for legal records. Law students and graduate students are quickly realizing that Google Scholar might be more of a research tool than anything they have seen in a long time.

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