College is extremely expensive, especially for individuals on a tight budget (aren’t we all?), and there are a large amount of hidden fees that go into receiving a higher education. Once such fee is purchasing textbooks. Textbooks often cost a few hundred dollars each, adding up to several hundred (if not a couple thousand) each and every semester. And once you’re are done with the book, you only receive a fraction back for what you payed for it, even if the book is brand new. Often times, the book store you purchased the book from isn’t even going to purchase the book back.

Thankfully, there is a better method for obtaining books for class, without paying the extremely high price of purchasing the text. This comes in the form of renting. If your local college book store does not offer you the option to rent textbooks, you need to check out BookRenter as it is going to have just about any book necessary for you to complete your studies, throughout a college career.

Renting a book from BookRenter is a very economic method of obtaining a book for class (unless you have a friend who owns the book already and is willing to lend it to you for free, that is might be a bit more economical but not much else). Through BookRenter you select the textbook you are required to have for class, just like you would for any other online book store, and you “check out” the books once finished. You are then charged a renters fee. This is often up to 80 percent what you actually pay for purchasing the book. Of course, once you are finished with the class you do need to send the book back to BookRenter. If you don’t, you are charged what the book actually costs.

Of course, BookRenter just doesn’t rent out books for your convenience. The website also purchases back books from you that you obtained through other classes. If book stores near you are no longer collecting a specific book (typically due to a newer version being used by the professor or their required quota for the book being full), BookRenter is most likely going to take the book. This is because a professor from a different college probably is still using the book. In order to take advantage of this option you need to mail in the books to BookRenter. Once BookRenter receives the books in the mail they look over to make sure the book isn’t damaged and assess a price, which depends on how in-demand the book is, what condition the book is and how much a new book currently costs. From here BookRenter sends you a check for the amount. If BookRenter has no need for the book, or if the book is too heavily damaged, the book is returned to you.

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