Industrial Psychology

Industrial Psychology is the study of the attitudes and behavior of people in the workplace. Through an education in Industrial Psychology, one can adequately perform job analyses using psychological testing to gauge each individual worker for correct placement within the company. Industrial Psychology has become an integral part of our world’s most successful businesses. That is why more and more people are choosing to pursue an education in this crucial field.

There are many intriguing topics to delve into when taking Industrial Psychology courses. Employee Selection, Placement, and Classification is a class that will prepare students to use psychological testing as a tool to evaluate the employees. They will learn how to place individuals in the positions that contain the responsibilities that they are most capable of performing and will also be able to determine when employees have mastered certain skills and are ready for promotions. Additionally, this course will prepare the student with the knowledge and ability to handle any concerns that may arise in a multicultural environment.

Job/Task Analysis is another fascinating Industrial Psychology class. This is a course in which the student will learn how to obtain the knowledge of what is required to carry out a particular task or function and will become able to distinguish the social and psychological characteristics that must be possessed in order to achieve a satisfactory level of success on that path. Proper job placement reduces the stress of the workers and enables companies to function more efficiently, which increases productivity.

Another valuable course is Applied Industrial Psychology. This is where students begin to learn how to put into practice some of the Industrial Psychology notes that they have collected thus far. The object of this class is to learn how Industrial Psychologists study certain psychological fundamentals, in order to ascertain which approach is best for dealing with any of the unique issues that may arise with the personnel.

There are many helpful textbooks that will guide you in your studies through Industrial Psychology. Introduction to Industrial Psychology by May Smith has proven to be useful to those who are entering into this field of study. It is simple, yet informative, and seeks to provide an introduction to anyone who aims to have responsibility over the industrial well-being of others.

Another title that has proven itself useful to many students is Applied Measurement: Industrial Psychology in Human Resources by Deborah L. Whetzel and George R. Wheaton. It provides students with keen knowledge for systematically judging job performance and enables them with advice for deciding upon which methods to utilize when changes are in need.

Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications, and Issues, co-authored by Robert M. Kaplan and Dennis P. Saccuzzo, is truly a textbook that you shouldn’t be without. It deals with up-to-date information concerning laws and ethics pertaining to psychological testing.

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