Inkling is in an interactive textbook application, specially designed for the iPad. Inkling offers textbooks for the iPad in many different subjects and versions. Subjects Inkling has textbooks in includes business, fine art, health science, psychology, and medicine. Inkling stays current with new and alternative editions of the textbooks that many professors choose to use in their lectures. This saves students the cost of buying textbooks from a bookstore.

This was designed to make textbooks interactive on the iPad. The screen can adjust to the fit all the information on the screen and can move by the touch of your fingers. Inkling sells the textbooks by the chapter. The total cost is forty percent less then a textbook purchased at a college bookstore. With a touch of the screen the user can access any chapter. This saves time from flipping from page to page in a book. The chapters on this program come with quizzes, self assessments, and study tools to help the user prepare for class assignments and exams. The images provide by this unit were specially made for the iPad. The graphics are top quality, as well are the audio features. There are also features such as online social networking study groups. Anyone using the same textbooks can help another person by highlighting information, engaging in discussions, and adding notes.

This program is available for use with fifty of the world most popular undergraduate textbooks and even medical books. There is online support if the user is having trouble downloading the information or upgrading their information. There is even has a link to face book. If a book is not found the user can submit a request online for the material. There is also a link to check the status of this request.

This device was named as the next big thing to happen to textbooks by many top United States publications. Many professors are also raving about how this has rejuvenated their teaching style. This allows the syllabus to be shared at any time for the students to access. Other course material can be accessed that the Inkling.

If one is still unsure about using Inkling verses traditional textbooks there are resources available online that can help people decide. The user can sign up for a free account and download a sample of what a textbook would look like. There are many videos that demonstrate how to use an Inkling and the features on using this on the iPad. The user can browse title to see if the material they are looking for is in inkling form. Of course an iPad is needed to use Inkling. iPads are an innovative platform to provide education in the form of iPad Textbooks, iPad Math Apps, and iPad Science Apps. Inkling is a new and exciting way to learn with interactive features. It is being used by both students and professors throughout the country.

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