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Choosing a textbook is one of the most difficult decisions principals and deans have to make. The book must suit administration, teachers and perhaps most importantly, the students. Each of these groups have particular needs that must be addressed and Scott Foresman Social Studies Group meets them well.

Administrators must find something that is cost effective, whether it is the student who is purchasing the textbook or the school system. More beholden to the bottom line than ever, they know they can look to Scott Foresman Social Studies Group to give them the most bang for their buck. Each text is durable – made to last. Pages are printed on sturdy paper able to sustain repeated use and covers are reinforced to withstand normal wear and tear. Scott Foresman Social Studies Group understands well that their textbooks are investments.

Teachers and instructors will be happy to note that Scott Foresman Social Studies Group provides digital resources that help both engage the student and streamline preparations that teachers must see to before class. These resources are available on CD Rom or online and include Power Point Presentations, test banks, projects and discussion topics, to name a few. Sensitive data is password protected to ensure that only verified teacher accounts have access to testing information. Further, teachers are provided desk copies upon request.

Students are the final leg of the Scott Foresman Social Studies consumer triad. Today’s learners demand a book that holds their attention and in our world that goes far beyond what they see on their books’ pages. Scott Foresman Social Studies textbooks contain links to student resource websites. There students can find diagrams, first person accounts, outlines, study guides and online quizzes. Scott Foresman Social Studies websites are divided, not just by book, but by chapter. Students simply log in, find their chapter and print any materials requested by their teacher or any materials needed to study for a text or exam. Best of all, registration is free and comes along with the book.

For students more comfortable using the book alone, they can expect to find first person resources throughout the chapters and appendices that point to books for further reading. All of this is contained in a textbook with clear font, detailed graphs, maps drawn to scale and colorful pictures that break up text while helping to bring Social Studies to life.

Scott Foresman Social Studies Group works hard to ensure they have the very best minds writing and editing their books. Instructors and researchers from around the world consistently pool their resources resulting in updated approaches to educating students of all ages in the areas of History, Geography and other branches of Social Studies.

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