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Cisco Press was founded in 1996, as a collaboration between Cisco Systems and Pearson Education a division of Pearson plc. Cisco Systems is a leader in networking for the Internet and Pearson Education is arguably the world’s largest educational publisher. This partnership has produced over 400 technical books by Cisco authorities and industry leaders about Cisco networking. Whether it’s a big corporation, small business or home computer network, Cisco leads in products for all of these markets. Cisco Press has distributed more than 3 million manuals and books to support Cisco networking for professionals and students. Cisco Press distributes titles through traditional sellers as well as through Safari Books Online, a subscription ebook reference service. Safari caters to the high technology crowd and offers for X amount of dollars, X amount of reference book usage, as in this quickly changing technology driven industry referral books can get quite expensive.

Cisco Press is the only authorized publisher for Cisco support, Cisco certification study material and network technology self study guides. There is a large variety of Cisco Certifications which fall into one of four categories: Associate, Professional, Expert and Specialist. Different jobs in the industry require different certifications. Cisco Press is the source for Cisco certification study manuals, online ebooks, online certification flash study guides, iPhone apps and videos, offering lots of tools for certification studies. The recommended path for proper learning from Cisco is a combination classroom, hands-on, e-learning and self-study.

From Internet fundamentals to advanced architecture design Cisco Press delivers lots of titles for all levels of learning on a variety of topics. Cisco Press also works in conjunction with Cisco Systems to develop learning products for the Cisco Networking Academy Program. These learning products include books and software compliment the online and instructor curriculum of the Networking Academies, which can be found in more than 60 countries. An online community The Cisco Learning Network, brings various certified individuals together in one place where they can interact and learn from each other or prepare for certification exams, by discussion through blog, forums, and other technologies.

In conclusion, Cisco Press publishes and distributes the entire line of Cisco related literature, whether it’s architecture manuals or test pre for a variety of levels of users. Ebooks can also be accessed through Safari Books Online. Many jobs in todays technology driven industries require certain Cisco Certifications. Cisco Systems are the industry leader in all types of networking, routing, voice and video IP, wireless security and broadband. Alot of this information is learned at the one of the many Cisco Networking Academies. The path for proper learning as recommended by Cisco is a combination of learning using classroom, hands-on, e-learning and self study.

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