Method #10

This method is a HUGE time-saver and it will keep you extremely well-informed with a few keystrokes! I don’t know about you, but I am an  avid Internet shopping and research “junky”. So, before I purchase something, I always feel the need to frantically scavenge the web for the listed prices and reviews of the product in question. This habit and hobby of mine has saved me money in the past, so I naturally started doing the same thing when it came to buying textbooks and researching all of the price differences out there on the Internet. I mean everybody wants to get the absolute BEST deal available to them, it is only natural. This is especially true when people are forced to pay a large amount of money for the same type of product consistently, just as students are forced to do with textbooks these days.

Check out some of these textbook price comparison websites and ISBN search engines below to locate the best prices for your required textbooks! These websites allow you to compare textbook prices from all of the major offline and online textbook distributors. Most of these websites allow you to perform a textbook search for the prices by book title, topic keywords, author name, and/or ISBN number. Many of these textbook search platforms also give you the option to search for the highest textbook buyback price currently being offered by all of the major companies. This option will help you get the most money back at the end of every semester or quarter! Combined with free shipping and other promotions, the amount of money to be saved is quite substantial.

Textbook Price Comparison Engines & ISBN Search Engines

Click Here to use the Textbook Search Engine

BigWords is another invaluable resource for college students. BigWords makes it mark by comparing prices from all the top textbook stores and shows the customer the best prices currently available. The site even goes as far as to offer comparisons on student loans, renting DVD’s and video games. Combined with their portable device apps, promotions, and free shipping, Big Words is definitely a top contender for purchasing textbooks online.

Compare textbook rental services with the following websites: and!

Click Here To Visit The Chegg Website

Chegg goes above and beyond trying to provide a great experience for college students who wish to purchase their textbooks online. Along with being able to rent and buy texbooks, they offer a twenty one day “Any Reason” guarantee for you to return your books if you are not satisfied. Two day shipping means good news for the procrastinators. Taking convenience a step further, the site also sells and rents eBooks in which you can highlight, take notes, copy and print. ETextbooks can be returned within fourteen days for a full refund.

CampusBooks is a price comparison engine for college textbooks. They have an app for portable devices with a GPS function that enables you to search libraries and bookstores near you for the materials you need to buy or rent. This site allows you to buy, rent and sell textbooks, and offers coupons and price alerts to help you maximize your savings.

TextbooksRus is another useful textbook price comparison website. Not only do they buy, sell and rent books, but they also participate in DVD, Blu-Ray and video game rentals. Once you’re done with the materials, you can also sell them back to TextbooksRus by using their online buyback tool. They even allow you to ship those items to them for free. Choosing to be paid via a credit to their site will earn you an extra five percent cash back on top of what they will be purchasing your items for.

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