Behavior Modification

Behavior modification courses are required for anyone who is majoring in psychology at a college or university. It is also required by most education programs and who want to enter service orientated careers may also need to take this course. The class covers such topics such as how to deal with different personality types, what drives behavior, and how to change it.

Introduction To Behavior modification classes require reading books such as “Behavior Modification Principles And Procedures”. This book written by Raymond G. Miltenberger tells the reader in very scientific terms one step at a time, what causes human behavior and how change is possible. Behavior and the human brain are very complex and studies have been made on how both intertwine to give humans their personalities. These different types of personalities help drive human behavior. This book will show how a person can make the changes necessary to become successful and happy in life.

Another book that may be used in this class is ‘Behavior Modification:What It Is And How To Do It”, by Berry Martin and Joseph Pear.This book gives a lot of examples and shows how to take data when learning the process of trying to change the behavior of someone. It is now in its sixth printing and has been used as a standard textbook for college classes for years. It is particular good for those going into the teaching field.

Learning these techniques can be used in many types of situations. In the classroom it can help learning, and it is important for new teachers to know what types of behavior modification works well in each situation. Using behavior modification in the classroom is the best way to manage classroom behavior. Taking behavior modification notes for later use, can help make first year teachers cope in the classroom.

For those who are using behavior modification for use in the field of psychology, the approach is a bit different. Finding out what particular personality traits a client has must be done before putting behavior modification into practice is important. In this class you will learn what types of tactics to use on each personality type. In order to change behavior, a person suffering from addiction, loss or other behavior problems must first admit that they have a problem before change can take place. Knowing how to bring about this realization in your client will be discussed and the course will show you techniques to help in this process.

There are so many instances where behavior modification can be used to help ourselves or others, this course can help the student use these techniques in their future careers and also in their personal lives.These are techniques that can be used in all walks of life.

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