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Pearson textbooks have been a staple in classrooms throughout the globe since 1998. Pearson textbooks are published through Pearson Education. Pearson Education began publishing educational textbooks in 1998. The Pearson company purchased the entire educational division of Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster was originally a part of Viacom. Pearson Education decided to combine their newly purchased educational division of Simon & Schuster with their own previous educational division Addison-Wesley Longman. This explains the corporate history of Pearson Education and illustrates why Pearson textbooks are one of the most popular educational supplements worldwide: simply put their distribution at this point is on a truly global scale.

Pearson Education has several locations throughout the United States. The main headquarters can be found in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. The company also has locations in San Francisco, Boston, Glenview, Illinois and Chandler, Arizona. Pearson education itself is a part of Pearson PLC. Pearson PLC runs everything from their main location in London, England. They also maintain smaller work centers in Harlow and Oxford. While the company primarily operates from the United States and the United Kingdom, Pearson textbooks are clearly one of the top choices for educators worldwide.

Pearson Education maintains a vast amount of unique “publishing imprints”. Basically, in the publishing world, an imprint is the trade name a a specific work is published under. These unique publishing imprints are used by Pearson education to market their textbooks to the globally diverse demographics of their consumers. In the United States, Pearson Education commonly publishes their educational material under the name of Prentice Hall textbooks.

Pioneers Of Online And Mobile Learning

Pearson textbooks are not the only educational material abundant on high school and university campuses. Recently, Pearson Education joined forces with the top five higher-education textbook publishers in order to create CourseSmart. They really do seem to be heading in the direction of providing students worldwide with online supplementary learning materials in addition to their physical textbooks. An example of this is their popular “Livelessons” video training that accompanies many of the Pearson textbooks related to information technology and other rapidly-evolving subjects.

Another online program from Pearson is “CourseConnect”. “CourseConnect” is essentially a massive collection of online courses that are completely customizable. With such a large corporate force driving sales globally, it is no wonder that Pearson textbooks are found on campuses and in classrooms throughout the world. Pearson textbooks may arguably be the most popular and the most purchased textbooks for college students.

Pearson Education is a company that strives for educational excellence, represented by their high-quality textbooks, online and mobile learning tools. This is why they were recently awarded the “Tech and Learning” magazine’s Awards of Excellence. These programs make learning fun and focused for students, helping them to be more successful in school.

With a total of seven winning programs, their social studies and geography programs were well represented. Students can engage directly with history through the myWorld History program, which takes children right into the past. They can explore history through stories, rich story telling and ability to go to the places they are learning about on the screen.

With the Online Travel Assignment, they can reinforce their learning as they browse through different regions and periods in history. As they go along, the program runs a game that requires the student to collect information, do various activities and use analysis skills on maps and different historical artifacts. This is complemented by the Social Studies applications that use games, small tests and other activities to help increase retention.

Pearson textbooks are also supported by three other programs that won the Award of Excellence Best Upgraded Programs. One of these was NovaNET, which focuses on children of middle school age through adults. It helps those who are struggling to gain the basic academic skills needed for their age level, even for college preparation.

WriteToLearn is an internet based writing program to help students improve on various writing tasks. The program provides students with feedback and can even translate the comments into the natives of language of Chinese or Spanish.

Another one of Pearson’s award winners is the StatCrunch program, which is an Internet based interface for giving statistics instruction. It gives students and teachers the ability to share various sets of data, make reports and do analysis.

Teacher Compass received an Award of Excellence as a program for teachers that specializes in individualized teacher evaluation. The program includes a coaching element that helps teachers teach more effectively. Tied with John Hopkins University, this program has been successfully used in many districts, with its capability for feedback, development plans and ease of use.

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