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Finding the right Realidades online textbook that you need to continue your Spanish language learning journey can be time consuming if you don’t know exactly where to look. The Realidades textbooks are published by Pearson Education, a leading publisher in educational textbooks since the late 90’s.  Currently, there are five versions of the Realidades textbooks:

Level 1 (purple cover), Level 2 (blue cover), Level 3 (green cover), Level A (red cover), and Level B (light blue cover). Commonly, Levels 1 through 3 of the Realidades online textbooks — as well as the hard copy versions — are used in High School curriculum. Level A and Level B are usually used in Middle school language classes and the curriculum reflects this change in learning difficulty.

Most likely you are a high school student who desperately needs Level 1, 2, or 3 of a Realidades online textbook so you can do your homework properly and not fall behind in your class. Perhaps, you are just looking for additional material outside of your textbook so you can achieve a better understanding of the Spanish language. There are a couple of different options available to students like you provided by Pearson, regardless of which Realidades online textbook you are looking for.

Realidades 1 - front cover(Level 1)

Available at the program page for the Realidades textbooks you will find a plethora of supplementary materials and activities relating to whichever Realidades online textbook you are looking for. This program page offers interactive flash-based practice activities that load quickly and can help streamline how you learn. They operate visually in a similar manner as to how the actual text teaches you, mainly using “fill in the blank” activities. In addition, Pearson provides students with .PDF versions of the actual chapter reviews located at the end of each chapter in hardcover Realidades textbooks. They also provide sections of the corresponding Realidades workbook for students to use in mastering each section of the Realidades curriculum. That’s not all; audio files are also available for each chapter of your Realidades textbook. These online supplementary materials are available for nearly every chapter of each Realidades textbook.

Realidades 3 Spanish Edition - front cover(Level 3 of the Spanish Edition)

Pearson SuccessNet offers Realidades online textbooks in every level (Level 1, Level A…) as well as many other learning materials and success tracking tools. Unfortunately, a teacher is usually the one who has to setup an account first in order for students to use this resource. Student’s need an “access code” provided by Pearson, which is given only to teachers to register for the service. If your teacher, or whoever runs the language department at your school has not signed up for Pearson’s SuccessNet, you can recommend them to the Access Code Request page which is a form to request an access code to be used for registration purposes. SuccessNet is a relatively new service for both students and teachers and offers high quality and interactive educational materials and resources for Realidades online textbooks.

ISBN numbers for Level 1: 0133691721 (ISBN-10) and 978-0133691726 (ISBN-13); Level 2: 013369173X (ISBN-10) and 978-0133691733 (ISBN-13).

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