eFollet is an online shopping resource for people searching for textbooks ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade. They even offer college textbooks at a great price also. The great thing about eFollet is the fact that just because you order your books online, there are multiple places you can receive your order: the warehouse that is located in River Grove, Illinois has great hours of operation; several network partners affiliated with eFollet can provide you with your materials or you can actually get them from your very own campus bookstore!

When you shop on eFollet, you have the option to search for items from your school ranging from sweatshirts to writing utensils to textbooks. Once you order your materials, the items are taken off the shelves and are sent to whatever destination you choose. If you have multiple items that you wish to order, there is a chance that one or more of your materials may come in different shipments on different days. This is normal because all of your needed items may not be at the warehouse. In fact, some may already be at your local campus bookstore. eFollet is considered a portal site where you can view the largest known network of educational items on the web. is a fully functioning online store that gives you access to services and products from over 1,200 bookstores around the country, not to mention the countless partners associated with the site.

When ordering your textbooks from Follet, all you will need to know is your class and the term or semester which your class falls into. What you need to do to start is select the school you are attending and the school year. From there you will want to view your class schedule to see what classes you will be attending during that term. For every textbook you need, the system will walk you through an easy process that will determine the exact book you will need for that class. eFollet is great because it shows you both the recommended and required textbooks that you will need to have. Once you have selected what you need, the items are immediately put into your shopping cart and you can continue viewing other items.

Accepted payment forms are American Express, MasterCard and Visa. The system actually gives you a chance to view what stage your order is at: New, In-Process, On Back Order, Fulfilled and Cancelled. If for any reason you need to return the books or items that you purchased from Follet or one of its partners, check their specific website at for details. Remember that since it may be different stores, the return policies may vary per store. The eFollet store can also be accessed via the website link

Follet offers one of the best ways to purchase all your educational items because of the amount of service and quality that goes into every order.

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