Understanding Nutrition

A standard text for students in the healthcare, nursing and biology fields, Understanding Nutrition provides a comprehensive look into the role that food and supplements play in the efficient operation of the human body. Written by Eleanor Noss Whitney and Sharon Rady Rolfes and published by Wadsworth Learning, Understanding Nutrition provides in-depth materials, popular case studies and real-world examples that students will find both engaging and informative.

Understanding Nutrition includes thorough study on topics such as diet planning, exercise, disease prevention, food safety, nutrition across the lifespan and vitamins and minerals. The textbook also offers a look into contemporary social issues such as world hunger, diet fads, supplements and food production ethics.

Students enjoy the ease of reading, engaging illustrations and real-world examples that accompany the text. In fact, many nutrition classes utilize this book as its primary or secondary textbook. For instance, Carol Kraft — a teacher at Modesto Junior College — uses Understanding Nutrition in her Food and Nutrition class. Understanding Nutrition starts with science at its core, getting to the meat of how the foods we eat affect the way our bodies operate. From there it expands on the theme, going in-depth about the role that nutrition plays in decision-making skills, brain function and judgment.

Understanding Nutrition- 12th Edition cover(12th Edition Cover)

Understanding Nutrition delves into topics such as carbohydrates and their role in absorption and digestions, lipids and weight gain and loss, proteins and amino acids, trace minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Students will be especially interested in life cycle nutrition, where topics like nutrition during pregnancy, in infancy, adolescence and later adulthood are explored.

The text’s emphasis on art that brings the topics to life give it a definite advantage of many other texts. Millions of students use this text as both an introductory and advanced text. Understanding Nutrition combines both introductory level information with in-depth topics that lend themselves to discussion, research and intense study. Understanding Nutrition is best used in conjunction with other materials such as videos, presentations, lectures, and in-classroom discussion.

Understanding Nutrition also offers supplemental materials within the text that many students will find especially useful. In depth case study questions, worksheets, links to online material, and an extensive glossary make this text a total resource for any student looking to gain a greater knowledge about the world of nutrition and how it relates to the human body. Not only a great resource for students looking to study the human body, Understanding Nutrition is a helpful text for the lay person looking to gain a better understanding of how the body works and how to plan nutrition for optimal health.

Understanding Nutrition - 11th Edition cover(11th Edition Cover)

For a textbook packed with the latest and most in-depth information on healthy eating, physiology and nutritional social issues, Understanding Nutrition is one of the best choices to deliver information in a user-friendly format. With engaging content, colorful artistic detail and supplemental materials, this is the comprehensive text that delivers on its promises. This textbook is perfect for either introductory or advanced level study. Competitively priced and widely available, instructors and students alike will find Understanding Nutrition an excellent resource.

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The ISBN numbers for the 12th Edition of this textbook are 0538734655 (ISBN-10) and 978-0538734653 (ISBN-13); and for the 11th Edition, 0495116696 (ISBN-10) and 978-0495116691 (ISBN-13).

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