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Perhaps one of the best textbooks to utilize in a classroom of students who are interested in pursuing the avenue of psychology would be David Myers compilation of concepts in the book entitled “Psychology”. Myers’ Psychology is currently in its 10th Edition, though the 9th Edition is still used regularly. To date, the David Myers’ Psychology textbook has the largest number of research citations found in this type of publication. Not only does the author engage the reader in understanding the various subcategories, but the Myers psychology edition also includes state of the art multimedia supplements which can be used in combination with the text. Online resources can be accessed as well as quizzes on each chapter and other fun activities.

Brief Background of Author David Myers

Before describing the information included in the text, brief mention of the man behind this bestselling textbook should be touched upon. David Myers has a Ph.D. in psychology which he received at the University of Iowa. From there, he has maintained his occupation at Hope College in Michigan. Not only is he an associate professor, but he has also been awarded the honor of speaking at the colleges commencement ceremony and has been voted as an outstanding professor. Furthermore, Mr. Myers has published scientific research articles which have been published within two dozen accredited periodicals.

Myers' Psychology - 9th Edition cover(9th Edition Cover)
Myers' Psychology - 10th Edition cover(10th Edition Cover)

About His Psychology Textbooks

The Myers Psychology textbook has a vast array of topics that it covers. It is a great resource for an introduction to psychology class. The book begins by seeking to draw the student into the field in general. A brief introduction into the story of psychology and how it came about makes up the first section. The second section details the basics of research. The book goes on to discuss biological aspects of psychology in section three. Much research is included, especially about brain imaging and how different processes are found in various areas of the cortex. The book does a great job at breaking up the sections so that material can be more easily understood. Consciousness as well as the aspects of the unconscious mind are gone over in section four. Nature and nurture including the great debate are evaluated in section five. Section six discusses how we change over the lifespan. Further topics addressed in the Myers psychology textbook include personality, psychological disorders, social psychology, therapy aspects, emotions, stress, health, intelligence, thinking, and language. Memory and learning are also mentioned.

Overall, the David Myers psychology textbook encompasses a range of topics which can help the student understand what the field of psychology entails. Myers psychology communicates the many categories with a plethora of research examples and current findings. It is a great way to introduce the concept of psychology to students new to this area of study. Students and teachers utilizing Myers psychology textbooks that are interested in following up with their learning via online materials can access the companion resource website provided by Worth Publishers and David Myers located here: There are also companion websites for older editions of this textbook, such as the 8th, 7th, and 6th Edition companion websites.

Myers' Psychology 1st AP Edition - front cover(AP Edition Cover)

The ISBN numbers for the 10th Edition of this textbook are 1429261781 (ISBN-10) and 978-1429261784 (ISBN-13); the 9th Edition, 1429215976 (ISBN-10) and 978-1429215978 (ISBN-13); 8th Edition, 0716764288 (ISBN-10) and 978-0716764281 (ISBN-13); 7th Edition, 0716752514 (ISBN-10) and 978-0716752516 (ISBN-13). Luckily for AP students, there is a new 1st AP Edition — 1429244364 (ISBN-10) and 978-1429244367 (ISBN-13)!

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