Bookbyte is an online store that allows students to buy and sell textbooks. Bookbyte offers a large selection of  textbook titles and they ship orders within 24 hours of purchase. Bookbyte also has a book buyback program that allows students to sell their textbooks back to Bookbyte for money, this is called the Guaranteed Buyback program.

This program gives students the ability to earn 10% back from the purchase price of their textbook. For example, let’s say a student buys a textbook eligible for the Guaranteed Buyback program for $50.00. After they are done using the textbook, they can return the book back to Bookbyte and as long as the item was shipped back in the same condition it was sold in, the student will earn around $5 for their old textbook.

Students can also sell their textbook online to Bookbyte even if they did not buy the textbook from Bookbyte initially. They make the process simple and easy, the seller just enters the textbook’s ISBN number and Bookbyte let’s them know how much they’ll get for the book. The company even pays for the shipping, all the buyer needs to do is print out a prepaid stamp and send it to them. The company also offers several payment options; including Visa, Mastercard and even Paypal.

Another benefit of buying your textbooks from is their 14-day return policy. So if a student accidentally bought the wrong book or is no longer taking a certain class, they can just return the book to Bookbyte without any problems.

Buying used textbooks is a cheaper alternative to getting textbooks needed for class. Bookbyte has a wide selection of used textbooks and is constantly adding more titles to their inventory. Thankfully, due to Bookbyte’s large inventory, student’s typically have the option of buying all their textbooks in one transaction, saving time and shipping costs.

Going to college is very costly and with the economy in its current state, receiving quality educational materials is harder than ever. Of all the costs and fees a student will encounter while in college, none is more daunting than the price of their textbooks. College bookstores tend to have a small selection of required textbooks for students and even used copies of books are still 100’s of dollars at these brick-and-mortar establishments. These sky high prices have lead students to look elsewhere for their textbooks, with some perceptive students finding cheaper alternatives buying books online at Bookbyte.

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