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Mankiw Macroeconomics textbooks are extremely popular. N. Gregory Mankiw, the author of “Macroeconomics”, “Principles of Macroeconomics”,”Brief Principles of Macroeconomics” and “Principles of Microeconomics”, is considered to be one of the leading authors for educational content on economics. His macroeconomics textbooks are published by Worth Publishers. Students should have little trouble finding a Mankiw macroeconomics textbook online as an eTextbook, in addition to supplementary material provided by Mankiw and Worth Publishers. Students can find online versions of Mankiw’s books at CengageBrain. Mankiw’s textbooks on macroeconomics feature tersely written prose that is straight to the point. His Principles of Macroeconomics covers topics including scientific research of macroeconomics and interpretation of macroeconomic data, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, supply and demand, government debt and budget deficits, investments and more.

Mankiw Macroeconomics 7th Edition(7th Edition Cover)

There are several online resources available for students using Mankiw macroeconomics textbooks. Students and instructors can access the following companion websites for Mankiw’s macroeconomics textbooks. The Macroeconomics 5th Edition companion website is located at The 6th Edition is located at And lastly, the 7th Edition is located at On these companion websites, students and instructors can find plenty of additional resources that truly accompany and elaborate Mankiw’s texts. Some of the supplementary materials include helpful website links related to specific sections of the textbook, flashcards, sample essays, data plotter, and online quizzes. Students can also find Macro Models on these websites.

One popular addition to N. Gregory Mankiw’s macroeconomics textbooks are PowerPoint slides. The 7th edition features power point slides by economist Ron Cronovich of Cartage College. The slides are extremely useful for students and includes interactive graphs and examples focused on specific lecture ideas. Mankiw macroeconomics slides for power point can be found at the 7th Edition companion website. The 7th Edition of Principles of Macroeconomics also contains new sections of content. An example is the current event section called “In The News” which Mankiw uses to encourage his readers to apply economic theory to topical events around the world. This helps students better understand economics by providing a clearer perspective on the interactions between reality and economic theory. There are also an abundance of case studies through out Mankiw’s texts, such as one about the recent hyperinflation in Zimbabwe and another called “A Monetary Lesson from French History”. Mankiw also makes sure to update old case studies with more accurate information and research for each new edition; the latest edition of Mankiw’s macroeconomics book features discussion on the latest financial crisis. Lastly, these textbooks feature useful “FYI” boxes that compliment the core ideas of the section with supplementary material, clarifications, and economic history.

Mankiw Macroeconomics 6th Edition(6th Edition Cover)

Students looking for a Mankiw macroeconomics study guide are encouraged to take a look at the companion websites for their specific edition of textbook. For students seeking Mankiw macroeconomics solutions, Aplia and Cramster may be able to help. The Principles of Macroeconomics textbook utilizes Aplia – an online homework solution – to provide great interactivity between the student and text. Instructors seeking a Mankiw macroeconomics solutions manual can find one at the Worth Publishers website, along with other instructor resources available in various formats such as PowerPoint slides and pdfs.

Mankiw’s writings are of some of the highest quality in the field of macroeconomics and he has certainly made a name for himself in the macroeconomics textbook market. N. Gregory Mankiw is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University. He began his academic career at Princeton where he earned his A.B. and then went to MIT for his PhD in economics. He became a professor at Harvard in 1987. He maintains a blog where he discusses economics through various themes, events, musings, and his own observations.

Mankiw Macroeconomics 5th Edition(5th Edition Cover)

The ISBN numbers for the 7th Edition of “Macroeconomics” are 1429218878 (ISBN-10) and 978-1429218870 (ISBN-13); 6th Edition, 0716767112 (ISBN-10) and 978-0716767114 (ISBN-13); and for the 5th Edition, 0716752379 (ISBN-10) and 978-0716752370 (ISBN-13).

The ISBN numbers for the “Principles of Macroeconomics” 6th Edition are 0538453060 (ISBN-10) and 978-0538453066 (ISBN-13); and for the 5th Edition, 0324589999 (ISBN-10) and 978-0324589993 (ISBN-13). The ISBN numbers for “Brief Principles of Macroeconomics” are 0538453079 (ISBN-10) and 978-0538453073 (ISBN-13). And lastly, ISBN information for “Principles of Microeconomics” is 0538453044 (ISBN-10) and 978-0538453042 (ISBN-13).

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