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The most obvious way to perform a textbook search is to visit your local schools’ bookstore, but more and more people are straying away from this method because of the cost. With the rising cost in books, and the decline of the economy, people are looking for more economical ways to get their educational textbooks. Used books stores are becoming more abundant close to the schools with lower prices. Not only do these used book stores have used textbooks at discounted prices, but they are offering more money to buy them back as well.

Most college students can not tell you how many times they have bought a $150+ book and when trying to sell it back to the school bookstore, they only receive $15-$20 back. Students believe that this is unfair, and rightfully so. The “powers that be” of course blame this on the curriculum changing so much they need different editions of text books almost every year now. If the students are not going to get a decent percentage back when selling the books back, then the students are going to turn elsewhere for their needs. College students usually do not have a lot of money and are looking for the cheapest,easiest, and most effective way to obtain their materials.

While some are turning to the used books stores, others have found the web for their textbook search. Its even easier now to do a textbook search than it used to be. There are many credible websites that are selling used textbooks for even less than the used book stores. While doing a textbook search at any of these websites is less stress, time, and money than the everyday bookstore. Even more recently, students have started renting their textbooks from online. If type into Google “textbook search engine” you will get several websites offering discount textbook prices. You see phrases like “save 90%” and “up to 95% off of textbooks”. If you do a “cheap textbook search” the results are very similar.

Not only can you get the books you want for cheaper, but you do not have to get lost in the bookstore to find your textbooks anymore. You can type them into the huge textbook search engine online, and find it within seconds. Over the years the internet and technology has progressed so much that the way we do things now are just different. We no longer have to go to the store to get the everyday items we used to, we no longer have to buy CD’s because we can get buy the same music online instantly. The way we do things in society is just different than it used to be, and the way we buy textbooks seems to have been effected as well. It is more cost efficient to rent your textbooks online than to buy them from the bookstore. As long as the economy is down, and the price of textbooks keep going up or even stay the same, more and more students are going to utilize these cheaper methods such as simply Googling “textbook search engine” when doing a textbook search. Eventually the schools will have to rethink their pricing and procedures for their own textbooks.

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