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There is the obvious advantage of using Campus Books, such as the convenience of ordering many textbooks online and having items shipped directly to the front door of the students. The hard reality is that things are going the way of the digital divide and offers each student the unique opportunity of starting that transition. The website has three available options for textbooks. The student can buy the textbooks they need for class, they can rent the textbook or they can also sell their old books back to Campus Books for a financial reward.

When a student signs up for a class at school, they will be asked to purchase, borrow, or rent a book. At Campus Books this side of the equation is easy to do. Students simply go to, click on the rent or buy option on the main page and start their simple run through, then pay their bill at the end. If students are running late because class has already started, the can, if the book is available, purchase the ebook version of that textbook and download it directly from Campus Books. Students will find that everything they are looking for in textbook ordering is at their finger tips.

The traditional way of buying or purchasing books is no longer the only way students are advised to go. At, the staff knows the hardships students face and the way Campus Books helps is by offering the option to rent the textbook rather than purchase it right out. Renting the textbook works almost the same as buying except at the end of use the student simply returns the book in it original condition and owes nothing more. The book will be checked out during the semester for lots less than buying the book at full purchase price. This is not the ebook, but the actual hard copy of a book that the student is receiving. The company still sells books at full price and at the end of the use a student can also sell the book back.

Campus Books knows that some students need to have a hard copy of the textbook in their hands. These students have nothing to worry about because the company will most likely be able to buyback most textbooks after use, to put a little money back into the hands of the students. They can use this money toward new purchases or request a payment check in return. Campus Books is here to service students well.

Whether the student is buying, renting, or selling back, has many available tools at the website that will help students achieve whatever end they desire. Also available at Campus Books is information of savings and coupons for textbooks. Students are encouraged to explore the entire website.

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