BookFinder is a website that has been making a difference in student’s lives since 1997, and what a difference it makes. Textbooks are so expensive these days that without a break on the prices from time to time, some students would literally have to drop out of school. The bookfinder website is a great place to search for and buy new or used textbooks.

Good Deals On The Books That You Want

BookFinder searches through millions of books and book collections to find books that are for sale and to get their clients the best deals possible. Then they compare the prices of all of the books that they find and pass the savings right on to their clients.

No Fees or Hidden Cost

BookFinder is right up front about the charges from their website. It’s free for all to use. Bookfinder never charges a fee and they don’t mark up the prices of the books that they find. BookFinder’s clients actually buy the books from the companies that own the books, and not bookfinder. Finding and buying the right book has never been so easy or cost so little.

More Than Just Textbooks

Textbooks aren’t the only books that BookFinder will find. They will search for most any kind of book, including new, used, rare, out of print books and even international books in several different languages as well. Including English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

Searches Through Millions Of Books And Easy To Use

BookFinder not only searches through millions of books for sale to find the right books for their clients they also search in over 50 different countries. Even with all of this extensive searching going on behind the scenes, the BookFinder website is so simple and easy to use. The home page of BookFinder’s website has a short search engine form to fill out with information such as:

The language that you prefer the book is written in.
The condition of the book that is being searched for
What country the book will be shipped to
Currency that will be used to pay for the book

Of course it’s not necessary to fill in all of the places on the form. However, it does help to have as much of the information as possible. That is as long as the information is correct it will return with a list of everywhere that the book can be found on the web and the prices at each place.

Get Results Fast Every Time

BookFinder gets results from a search very quickly because of its powerful, expertly-coded back-end. Who would have ever thought 15 years ago when Anirvan Chatterjee first started his simple bookfinder website that it would grow to be what it is today.

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