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Glencoe Math provides one of the most comprehensive math curriculums available. Glencoe provides math materials for all the elementary grades as well as subjects covered throughout Secondary schooling. Available programs include curriculums and supplemental resources for middle and high school math courses. For middle and secondary students it is inclusive of all Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, and Trigonometry courses. Their coursework begins with the mathematical basics presented at the kindergarten level. It progresses with the student throughout the school years and thoroughly covers early college level mathematics courses. Glencoe math also makes available student and teacher resources for adult learners.

Glencoe Math makes a wide variety of resources available to teachers of mathematics. There are many important supplemental tools for teachers. These are available to help the teacher assess student’s progress, strengthen or reteach weak areas and offer enrichment for students who have mastered the previous content. Glencoe math is designed to take a broad approach to teaching and mastering key mathematical skills.

Included in the Glencoe Math teacher’s kits are all the materials for a given grade level. This kit supplies everything needed to effectively teach in the mathematics classroom. These all important materials include a wide range of assessment tools which include pre and post assessments. Since all students do not perform at precisely the same level at the same time, resources are included for teachers to use for reteaching as well as enrichment exercises. There are also tools for teaching the mastery of key mathematical processes, such as problem solving skills.

Math intervention tools are also available through Glencoe Math. Their intervention programs include a wide variety of resources. These supplemental materials are geared to help the teacher work with students to review and master key mathematical concepts. The courses will provide structural support for students to build upon while progressing through their mathematical careers. These Glencoe Math resources include corrective math which helps teachers instruct students in a way that fills in the gaps in their processing of math skills. Some are designed specifically to prepare the student for success in Algebra courses. These tools will ensure that both the student and teacher are successful in their school endeavors.

For students who master and surpass current state benchmarks there are many tools available through the Glencoe Math program. These materials are not simply a supplement to current class work; they are full coursework for upper level math. These materials include Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra and Calculus courses.

Glencoe math has virtually everything needed to monitor, assess, and teach a student math throughout all their pre-college grades. It is designed to be thorough and encourage mastery and success at every level. Many resources are available to ensure success for both the teacher and the student.

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