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The BYU Bookstore is located at Wilkinson Student Center, Brigham Young University, University Hall, Provo, Utah. The BYU Bookstore website can be accessed at the following URL:

The BYU Bookstore allows students to search for textbooks and books by course. Not only that, but through the bookstore’s website BYU students can create and access a personalized book list based on their class schedules, and order selected books without visiting the BYU bookstore. Students who choose to order books online will need to pay shipping, but they will avoid a trip to the store and won’t need to wait in line. Not all titles are available online and a quick search will tell a student if the book he or she needs is available to order from the BYU bookstore website.

The BYU bookstore offers a sell back option for textbooks that are in good condition, still in use, and not overstocked. It is important to note that students currently must visit the BYU bookstore in person to participate in the BYU textbook sell back though.

At the moment, the BYU bookstore website does not list etextbooks as an available option directly through their website’s interface. However, there is a Barnes and Noble Booksellers just a few miles away that offers a potentially useful textbook buying and selling alternative for BYU students:
Barnes and Noble Booksellers at University Crossing Plaza
330 East 1300 South
Orem, UT 84058

Barnes and Noble at University Crossing Plaza offers new and used traditional print textbooks, and best of all they include the increasingly-important option to rent textbooks and e-textbooks. The Barnes and Noble book retailer offers instant downloads for e-textbooks directly through their website. The digital version has the exact same information as traditional textbooks and allows students to avoid carrying around heavy books. The etextbooks are available for purchase or rent and usually come at a significantly lower price than printed textbooks. Barnes and Noble also buys textbooks through their website. Students can enter the ISBN’s of their books to see how much the store will buy them for, and print a pre-paid shipping label to mail the books out.

Another potentially useful option for BYU students is Boomerang Books, a local bookstore that is owned and operated by BYU and UVU alumni.
Boomerang Books
748 E. N Provo
Provo, UT

Boomerang Books offers a small but growing selection of textbooks available to order online. Boomerang Books offers new and used textbook sales, textbooks rentals, and a textbook buying program.

For more information about the BYU Bookstore, including reviews from BYU students, potential information regarding availability of etextbooks, and driving directions, check out the BYU Bookstore Google Places page.

BYU - outside view during Spring Break 2008(Photo by Dylan Oliphant)

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