Introduction To International Relations

The course “Introduction to International Relations” is one of the popular classes that is often taken in college. This course has been used as a required course, depending upon what college is attended. In Introduction to International Relations the main goals are to understand the primary concepts, processes, and issues regarding international relations.

Common Topics in Introduction to International Relations

There are many topics in this course of study that will be discussed. With a large amount of topics that will be discussed, Introduction to International Relations notes are a good idea to keep refreshed and help with studying. The topics that are discussed in Introduction to International Relations will normally be discussed in general terms. The main topics that are discussed and studied in this course include; the actors in international relations, the process of foreign policy, nation-states, international law, and domestic and international partnerships. Contemporary and future problems in the international system of business are one topic that is discussed. This topic will go into the factors of international business specifically. Some of these factors include war, economic status, and then environment. One topic that will be important to discuss in Introduction to International Relations, will be the different schools of thought. This course will give an overview of some of the thought processes that are used in this particular course. Just a few of the views to international relations that will be discussed are realism, radical, and liberalism.

Popular Textbooks Used

In Introduction to International Relations there are many readings that can be very helpful to understand the course even better. McGraw Hill textbooks provides high-quality International Relations textbooks that all build upon each other as each edition is released. With each addition, there is more knowledge available for the student to learn. The textbooks that are used all depend upon the individual school and instructor for that course. Some of the Introduction to International Relations textbooks are “International Relations” by Goldstein and Pevehouse and “International Relations: Introductory Readings” by Edward Rhodes. Another textbook that is often used throughout this course is “Global Politics in a Changing World” written by Mansbach and Rhodes in 2003. In the course Introduction to International Relations, there may be required readings by the instructor that are not in textbooks, but are instead found in a newspaper, journal, magazine, or another book.

When taking Introduction to International Relations, there will be numerous individual topics that will be discussed that are associated with international relations. Whether studying the schools of thought in international relations or the potential problems that can affect global relations, there will be always something “new” to learn about the subject. The textbooks used in this course are all different in a variety of ways. The textbook that is used will depend entirely upon the professor’s preference. Taking this course helps prepare students for the realities that exist in the business world.