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Aside from classrooms and dorm rooms, one place nearly every student will visit while in college is the campus bookstore. It provides the books and supplies needed for college life. The University of South Florida's bookstore is called the University of South Florida Campus Bookstore. However, it is usually shortened and referred to simply as the campus bookstore or USF Bookstore by local USF students. It carries textbooks for students, as well as USF apparel, USF-themed gifts, and school supplies.

The USF bookstore sells new and used textbooks, and offers textbooks on a rental basis. Books in the bookstore have a "Rent Me" sticker on them, which can be taken to the rental counter in the bookstore. By renting textbooks at the USF Bookstore, a student can save over 50% of what the cost of a new textbook would have been. At the end of the semester, USF students can conveniently return their textbooks to the bookstore.

Speaking of convenience, the store has put together several videos for prospective and active student customers, here is a good one:

Other helpful videos recorded and produced by the USF Tampa Bookstore can be found on their YouTube channel.

The bookstore also offers eTextbooks, which are digital versions of physical books used for classes. The eTextbooks are allowed to be read on up to two computers, either PC or Mac. They currently are not compatible with mobile devices, such as phones or ereaders, due to the small size of the screens. Buying eTextbooks saves students up to 60% of the cost of a new, printed textbook, and eTextbooks have a rental option, as well. After the rental time, the license is up on the eTexbook, and the student no longer has access to it. Nothing needs to be returned! However, if you buy or rent eTextbooks and are not going to use them, you can only be refunded the cost of the eTextbook if you have not downloaded it or have not used your access code. More detailed information on eTextbook compatibility and frequently asked questions can be found on this regional-specific resource page from Barnes and Noble (the company provides the online interface for USF students to buy, rent, and download their textbooks online).

While all residential college bookstores offer textbooks and school supplies, the USF bookstore also helps residential students by selling some dorm room essentials such as alarm clocks, coffee makers, bedding and towels. This gives students the ability to get things they need for campus life without needing to leave campus! This can be especially convenient for students who don't have a vehicle.

To shop at the USF bookstore online, visit It can also be found by visiting the USF website at

To shop on-campus, the USF bookstore can be found at 4202 East Fowler Avenue BKS0269, Tampa, Florida 33620-6651. You can contact the bookstore by calling (813) 947-2631. The store manager is Nick Fagnoni.

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