There are many ways to obtain a desired textbook now a days. From heading off to your local book store to downloading the text to an iPad, books are everywhere, and in different formats. Of course, just because there is a textbook store near you and an online download catalog located on your computer, it doesn’t mean the book you desire is readily available. Perhaps you are looking for a more obscure book, or you want a specific print of the book. Digital copies of books don’t have a real “print version” and book stores are generally only going to carry the latest edition of a given book. This is where AbeBooks comes in. AbeBooks is a website that gives you the option of locating books your local store or download library may not currently have. You can even find old, rare books you never thought you’d locate. These rare books from AbeBooks often make fantastic gifts for the holidays and for birthdays.

To start, AbeBooks isn’t just a website that sells hard-to-find books and out-of-date titles. In fact, it’s an excellent source for purchasing textbooks for class. AbeBooks sells textbooks for on average 50 percent off the price of new books. This gives you an excellent alternative to purchasing your course books at a local college textbook store. And when it comes to college, saving as much money as you can is especially important. AbeBooks also has a helpful textbook tracking option for individuals looking for college text. You can not only search the textbook via author, title or even keyword, but the ISBN number. This is the small number printed on the bar code of the book. Generally, when a professor requests a textbook, the request listing has a printed ISBN number next to it. If the ISBN is provided, this is the best way to locate the book. Textbooks have multiple versions and print dates, and its important to obtain the correct print date and version. If you don’t, you maybe loosing out on information required for an upcoming test, and some chapters may differ slightly, which means you are reading the wrong information on given assignments.

Finding rare textbooks often requires you to visit antique shops and used book stores. Visiting these locations is often time consuming and you never know what you are going to find. Thankfully, AbeBooks gives you a quick and easy option for locating that desired rare print. To start, you must navigate to the AbeBooks website, then select the “Rare Book Room” link. From here you can select the author, title or keyword in order to find the book. Just remember, since the book is rare, the number of prints remaining is low and the price may be high as there’s a high demand on AbeBooks.

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