International Marketing

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller with every advance in technology we see. This means that international marketing is not as hard of a feat as it once was. With the ability we have now to market over the web, move money instantly and teleconference, the international market is at our fingertips. Buyers and sellers all over the globe are taking advantage of the large diversity of products that are now available to everyone no matter where you live.

If you’re thinking of taking your company global or want to start your own international business, taking classes in international marketing will give you an edge on the competition which there will be a lot more of then you might have in your own community. Also an Internation Marketing course is great as a refresher for those who have maybe been in the market for awhile but just want to be kept up to date on the latest marketing trends. In today’s global market the marketing trends are changing as fast as our technology is.

In an international marketing course, the instructor will have you study current international marketing strategies by having you read and take notes on the current business journals such as Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes and Fortune. Popular textbooks for this course are: International Marketing by Philip Catoera and John Graham, Global Marketing Management by Warren Keegan or The Marketing Research Handbook by Paul Hague, Nick Hague and Carol-Anne Morgan. These textbooks are just a few of the many titles out there that an instructor may have you study in this course. It might be a good idea to get your hands on these textbooks for some other ideas on international marketing even if they aren’t on your specific course’s list of reading material.

Throughout an International Marketing course you will most likely learn the importance of researching marketing styles so you can see what types of marketing seem to be working and what types are not. What works on a small-scale level may not work in a global market. Research can help you find what marketing strategy may be best for your company or the company you work for.

In your International Marketing Course we will also learn what barriers you may face when marketing at this level and how you can overcome these barriers. International Marketing is all about understanding the language, cultural and social differences that exist when dealing with people who are from all around the globe. In International Marketing, knowing and understanding these differences are a big part of making your marketing venture a success.

Throughout this course you will also learn how to create a marketing campaign that will comply with the United Nations Global Compact. There are rules that must be met and this course will be sure to make sure you know where to find these rules and how to abide by them while still using your creativity.

You will learn a lot from this course that will help you become a global citizen and a successful international marketer.

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