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The official address for the LSU Bookstore is: 110 Union Building, Baton Rouge, LA 70803. The LSU Bookstore, an appendage of Louisiana State University, is the official destination for most course-related items at the university. It features assigned textbooks, online learning packages bundled with assigned textbooks, digital supplemental course items and supplies, university apparel, gifts and much more. The Official LSU bookstore offers new and used textbooks, as well as the option to save over 50% off the cost of a new text by renting or up to 60% by downloading eTextbooks.

The ever popular eTextbook option allows students to download a digital copy of the book, and view it on their Mac or PC. One purchased copy is typically licensed and readable on up to two computers. This option is great for LSU students that have a laptop, tablet or mobile computing device they carry and utilize around campus, and a desktop computer they work on back in their dorm or apartment. The online LSU Bookstore currently makes available thousands of textbooks and half a million general eBooks to consumers. Many are available both for purchase and rental, combining the idea of “smart studying” with cost saving measures. The LSU Bookstore website is encouraging their students to pursue digital learning options by displaying large, eye-catching banners directly on their home page.

Louisiana State University(Photo by MudbugsFanShreveport)

This fairly recent graphic design change reflects the surging popularity of etextbooks in general. The design update is certainly a welcome sign of encouragement for LSU students that would rather be using online textbooks, etextbooks, and other digital learning materials on their campus, instead of lugging around bulky textbooks. The LSU Bookstore website also has a banner reminding students looking to purchase digital class materials that they can download the free and increasingly popular Nook Study electronic textbook reader software. The store also includes a link to another hugely popular e-reader software: The VitalSource Bookshelf.

For those looking to rent textbooks, LSU Bookstore patrons can visit the Union Building location and rent any book with the special “RENT ME” sticker affixed. Online, books will be notated as rentable. While rented textbooks can be highlighted and annotated, they must be returned either in person or shipped back in good condition by the due date in order to avoid any additional late fee charges. The bookstore helps students remember when their textbook rental due date is approaching by sending out a special “e-mail alert” to the student’s registered e-mail address. The LSU Bookstore recognizes that along with price, convenience is the other major reason college students desire additional textbook options like rentals and digital downloads. Their banner reads: “Renting Is Easy“. Students interested in renting textbooks should be sure to read the LSU Bookstore’s rental agreement and FAQ on their rental page as well. For students that decide to mail back their textbook rentals rather than dropping them off in person at the store, they should try their best to return all of their rented textbooks together in one package to avoid additional shipping charges. The LSU Bookstore provides students with special “Return Shipping Labels” they can access online, but these labels are only good for one package.

The Co-op Bookstore is a favorite off-campus destination for LSU students in search of textbooks. Located at 3960 Burbank Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70808, this main LSU bookstore competitor offers traditional textbooks, eTextbooks, text book rentals, apparel, gifts and more. It is also a favorite destination for selling back used books, just behind the official LSU bookstore.

Chimes Textbook Exchange, at 268 W. Chimes St. Baton Rouge, LA 70802, is a serious LSU bookstore competitor in the realm of buying and selling used textbooks. They offer the ability to buy used books online with the option of picking them up at the store or having them shipped directly to the consumer free of charge. In addition, they offer some of the most competitive rates on buy backs, according to many LSU students.

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