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W.H. Freeman is a renowned publisher of science textbooks. In 1946, the company was founded by its namesake, William H. Freeman. Bill Freeman, a former salesman for Macmillan turned editor, partnered with Linus Pauling to publish his first textbook, “General Chemistry”. This revolutionary publication became a pioneer in the textbook industry. It changed the standard curriculum of chemistry forever. From this point, textbooks for the sciences would look different. A new prototype had been born. “General Chemistry” expounded on the discipline of chemistry in a logical developmental presentation. Chemistry was no longer a group of unrelated facts for students to memorize; it was a sound, unified connection of principles and theories. Following his collaboration with Pauling, W.H. Freeman became a favorite among researchers who wanted to leave their mark on the field of education. The right teachers and W.H. Freeman textbooks could transform the world.

Nowadays, W.H. Freeman Publishers continues to work with leading researchers and academic instructors to provide the best training and educational resources in the sciences and arithmetic. This top publisher is responsible for the release and distribution of some of the most effective titles in teaching. This publisher works intimately with authors and instructors to remain at the cutting edge of emergent changes in each scientific discipline, ensuring that the course content is correct, applicable and up-to-date.

At W.H. Freeman, they understand that the business of learning is sometimes hindered by economic restrictions, so they make value a high priority. They strive to maintain low, affordable pricing while still offering customizable options for every textbook they publish. Their programs offer the educator the ability to blend his own content with that of W.H. Freeman to build an effective system of learning for the classroom. The unique nature of each learning environment is thoroughly considered to produce a perfect fit.

W.H Freeman has made every effort to keep up with modern technological advancements. They have designed online applications to help ease the pressures of student cost and time restraints. Pupils can complete homework assignments, take tests, read eBooks, view images and video, listen to audio or participate in group labs, all via computer. W.H. Freeman delivers the content, but the customer chooses the methods of presentation. Delivered traditionally or electronically, effective learning materials are at the core of everything W.H. Freeman publishes.

In addition, W.H. Freeman is a customer-oriented company. They maintain strong working relationships with the educators that use their products. They promote open communication and consistent availability amongst their staff. They call it the “W.H. Freeman Service Contract.” W.H. Freeman agrees to provide complete support for those who use their educational products in their classrooms.

W. H. Freeman and Company will continue to lead the way in textbook development. Bringing the proper learning tools to the pupils and instructors who need them, they make sure that educators have what they need for their classrooms today.

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