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The envision math program by Scott Foresman and Addison-Wesley is an innovative program that can help students of a variety of levels achieve their best in mathematics studies.

The envision math “common core” includes background for teachers that includes Conversations with program authors about key mathematics concepts that are covered. These authors are, themselves, experienced and well-educated math teachers from various areas and grade levels.

The focusMath module is a program for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade, designed to identify at-risk students early in their math education and intervene to offer them intensive, balanced, individualized instruction that will work in conjunction with any other math program being taught to students. The focusMath program gives students an interactive experience which helps them make meaningful connections using the “Visual Learning Bridge” in each lesson, and contains ongoing diagnosis to continue to analyze the student’s needs and successes. This program is designed to be an intervention program for those students who are struggling, and teachers will find that it complements their regular instruction, while giving lagging students a chance to succeed and build confidence.

The envision math program uses bar diagrams to help students use their visual models to solve problems, and utilizes DimensionM, an “immersive 3D video game world” which uses video game technology to engage students in learning mathematics. The lesson objectives are covered through a series of “missions” in the video game and contextualized in a way that will make sense to today’s students. The DimensionM program is recommended in a variety of setting from classroom to before and afterschool programs or mathematics intervention programs. This will appeal to students in a variety of ways. Many students would rather play video games than work on math, and DimensionM allows them to do both. Even for students who are not avid “gamers,” this will offer a chance at a more visual learning experience which is exactly what is needed for many struggling students.

Envision Math is the first program of its kind to engage children on a visual learning and interactive level. The bar diagrams in envision math help the students see the problems they are trying to solve and the overall program was both planned and designed with the student’s understanding in mind. The envision math program’s data driven instruction model ensures that each student gains instruction in the area they need. Perhaps even more important for educators, the program offers everything needed in one location.

Every educator knows that math can be a roadblock in the education of some students. With the envision math program, it doesn’t have to be. Now students use their envision math login to learn in a way that is meaningful to them, allowing them to gain confidence and success in their mathematics studies.

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