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College is hard enough without having to decipher the hidden messages of textbooks, especially Biology textbooks. The Campbell Biology series of textbooks help biology students perform at their best by giving them the tools necessary to achieve good grades, and finish their biology-related courses with real understanding. The Campbell Biology textbook is a great asset for any biology student to own no matter what topic they are covering in their biology classes. Topics like membrane structures, photosynthesis, genes, proteins, animal development and many others are covered in detail by the authors. This textbook is written “for the reader”, meaning that it is easy to understand, and includes a plethora of scientific illustrations that are very helpful.

Campbell Biology 9th Edition(9th Edition Cover)

The chapters that appear in most other biology books on the market today are normally long-winded and difficult to grasp in terms of learning new ideas. However, the chapters in Campbell’s textbooks are clearly broken down and explained very well. Available alongside these textbooks are numerous study aids, such as the MasteringBiology program that offers online resources and assessments that enhance the readers understanding of the topics discussed by Campbell and the other authors. Another great benefit of this series of textbooks are the comprehensive test banks available for teachers.

The author, Neil Campbell (April 17, 1946 – October 21, 2004), was very knowledgeable in several scientific areas of discipline such as Zoology, and Plant Biology. The reason that this particular Biology textbook has “stood the test of time” so to speak is because Neil Campbell and fellow authors truly had an understanding of what Biology students needed in a textbook in order to succeed. Neil Campbell passed away in October of 2004, not long after the seventh international edition was completed. Currently, the original Campbell’s Biology textbook has a 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 4th edition, 5th edition, 6th edition, 7th edition, 8th edition, and 9th edition. Read more about Neil Campbell at his Wikipedia page.

Some examples of other Campbell Biology textbooks include the Student Study Guide for Biology (ISBN10: 032150156X / ISBN13: 978-0321501561), Biology: Concepts and Connections (ISBN10: 0321489845 / ISBN13: 978-0321489845), and an A.P. Edition (ISBN10: 0131356917 / ISBN13: 978-0131356917) of the original textbook (ISBN10: 0321558235 / ISBN13: 978-0321558237).

All around, this is one of the best Biology textbooks to use for high school and even university-level classes. Students and Instructors can find additional supplementary material for their Campbell biology textbook online by visiting This companion website provided by Pearson gives readers of the Campbell biology series a plethora of additional content and unique interactive activities to help them better understand the text.

AP Edition

College Board lists the AP Edition of Campbell Biology under its selections of AP Biology Publishers and Textbook Titles. A great teacher review of the 8th Edition of the Campbell Biology series is available at College Board’s AP Central Teachers’ Resources. Visit the Official Pearson School’s AP Campbell Biology Page for details on how the newest reiteration of this textbook helps AP Biology students pass and hopefully score a “5” on their exam.

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