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The English language is one of the most important languages in the current world economy. It is also one of the most difficult to learn. With words that can mean multiple things based on sentence structure and inflection. You may already know that a class alone is not enough to learn the language, so finding a companion for a language class or to learn it on your own is important. This is where the Longman Dictionary can be a useful tool.

The Longman Dictionary is a powerful learning tool with multiple features to assist in picking up your second or third or whatever language this will be for you.

With fully searchable contents of the entire dictionary, finding the word or words that you are trying to use is simple. With the full CD-Rom version of the Longman Dictionary you are also able to hear the pronunciation of all headwords in British and American English. These words include names of people and places.

Intonation is an extremely important part of the English language and the Longman Dictionary includes 88,000 example sentences pronounced to assist with learning the way to speak the language, not just the words themselves.

The Longman Dictionary adds even more features to assist in a quick learning process. Pictures are included to give a visual aid to the words you are using. If you would like to use other words in place of what you are currently thinking of a handy Thesaurus is included as well.

The English language is full of slang and is constantly changing at a rapid pace. With the included phrase bank, The Longman Dictionary will give examples of how to use and what phrases like “Barking up the wrong tree” mean. This is one of the key parts of the English language, taken literally the previous sentence would mean nothing.

As you learn to write in English the Longman Dictionary offers assistance. With a spell checker, verb forms and a writing assistant the Longman Dictionary will easily assist you on the road to fluency.

As our world grows and changes the words we use do the same, but knowing where the words came from or what they reference is an important step to speaking true English. The Longman Dictionary includes cultural references as well as origins of words to help understand where they came from and where they are going.

If you are looking for the inflected form of a sentence the dictionary includes a powerful search feature that will show the base word. For example, if you were to search for the word “running” the search would return “run” to help understand the basis of the word as well as the current use.

This dictionary is a powerful tool for learning one of the most agile and difficult languages in the world not just for people learning the language for the first time, but also for those that would just like to learn their native language on a deeper level.

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