Method #9

If you need access to a certain textbook, and you need access to it fast, searching for eTextbooks can potentially lead you to a fast and productive solution. You can download etextbooks instantly after purchasing them. After downloading, you can read most of the eTextbooks out there directly in your internet browser. You can usually access these textbooks directly from your Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, and other mobile devices as well. Most are compatible with Adobe Reader, so they can be viewed on just about every Adobe Reader-capable device including the popular Kindle.

Several companies are leading the way forward within the eTextbooks community.

Click Here To Visit The CengageBrain Website – CengageBrain is a fairly new provider of not only full Etextbooks, but also individual echapters too.  The website gives three separate “access length” options to suit students of varying needs. If you think that you will only need to focus on a few specific chapters, sections, or units of a certain textbook, these guys might be your best option. Oftentimes, you can purchase individual electronic chapters of the popular textbook titles for only $1.99! Their digital textbook content is delivered in sPDF format, which is essentially a secured PDF file. The file is secured with DRM (Digital Rights Management) software in order to protect the copyrighted educational content. You can print out most of the material after purchasing, but you should be aware that it will be stamped with your name and information. This is another protective measure that the company enacted in order to prevent copyright abuses in the future.

Click Here To Visit The eCampus Website – eCampus is another popular choice for browsing the available etextbooks out there on the web. The company claims that they currently have over 100,000 electronic textbook titles available. With a constantly evolving database that large, there’s a good chance that they can help you save some money.

Click Here To Visit The Barnes & Noble Website – Barnes & Noble has recently broken into the etextbook industry as well. They’re probably worth checking out as they have launched a 7-day free trial featuring most of their etextbook titles. With such a powerful foundation rooted in the traditional book industry, their electronic textbook program looks to be very promising. It will be interesting to see how etextbooks are utilized, expanded on, and enhanced within their Nook digital reader device as well.

Click Here To Visit The Website – is a very popular choice for students when searching for their required educational materials in an online format.

In order to effectively search websites like the ones mentioned above, it is recommended that you know the exact ISBN number of the required textbook. Professors regularly include the ISBN number of the textbooks they want their students to use for class on the class syllabus.

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