My HRW is website that caters to both students and educators and helps both come together to make learning much easier. At “My HRW”, students with a Holt or McDougal textbook will find resources available to them in all the subjects that their textbooks might cover, such as language arts, math, science and health, world languages, and social studies.

It is easy to tell from a quick glance at the My HRW website that students looking to excel in their studies will be pleased seeing that the website is simple and not overly complex like so many other textbook companion websites and educational portals. Let’s take a deeper look at My HRW and see what it is all about!

The Main Idea Behind “My HRW”

The aim of Holt McDougal Online is to provide students and educators with the innovative tools and customized products they need to succeed, alongside their conventional school book.

The products offered in the Holt McDougal Online portal are a combination of in-depth research combined with teacher expertise. My HRW elucidates to educators the power of using technology to educate their students; how it better motivates their students and helps deliver literature that their students will truly enjoy reading.

For example, students that are having a hard time grasping proper grammar can be helped with interactive workbooks. When it comes to science and health, My HRW offers online experiments and virtual labs that help students learn about the field and further their knowledge of the textbook they’re assigned.

Registration and Logging Into Your Account

There’s a couple things you may want to remember about My HRW.

Hey Students! Don’t forget that your teacher should have given you your My HRW login information. This usually comes in the form of a key code that you can enter into the MY HRW website upon registration. Don’t forget to write down your username and password too!

An important notice for teachers interested in registering at My HRW! You will need the ISBN number of your Teacher’s Edition textbook, so that you can register for your textbook’s “program” and allow your students access to the online editions of their textbook and supplementary materials and activities provided by Holt.

Background & History of This Very Popular Online Learning Platform

The website “” is the result of a partnership between two of the most renowned names in education — McDougal Littell and Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. The textbook publishers joined forces and became Holt McDougal. They are currently a branch of the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. is the “poster child” domain of the Holt Online Learning program. A large majority of Holt McDougal textbooks are available online by logging into the My HRW website. This educational portal is referred to as “Holt McDougal Online”, though it is sometimes called “Holt Online Learning”. Why? Well, “” used to be the primary domain for all of Holt McDougal’s online learning initiatives. However, since the creation of Think Central, this terminology seems to be changing slightly. And with new online services by Houghtin Mifflin Harcourt coming in the future, Holt McDougal Online may soon be a small player in the big game of online educational portals by top textbook publishers and brands. Though the popularity of My HRW does not appear to be waning.

Which Textbooks are Supported?

The portal supports specific Holt McDougal textbooks. offers online versions, as well as companion activities, for these textbooks. A sample portion of some of the more popular textbooks used by students in conjunction with My HRW are listed below.

Reading and Language Arts: Elements of Language, Elements of Literature, Holt Literature and Language Arts California, Courses Intro-2, Holt Literature and Language Arts California, Courses 3-6, Holt McDougal Literature, Common Core, Grades 6-8, Holt McDougal Literature, Common Core, Grades 9-12, Holt McDougal Literature Texas, Warriner’s Handbook, and Gateways.

Mathematics: Saxon Algebra and Geometry, Saxon Mathematics Courses 1-3, Holt McDougal Mathematics 2010, Holt McDougal Larson Pre-Algebra, Holt McDougal Mathematics Florida, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Florida, Algebra 1 Florida, and Pre-Algebra Florida.

Science: Holt Science & Technology: Physical Science, Holt Physics, and Earth Science.

Social Studies: United States Government, Psychology, and Sociology.

World Languages: ¡Avancemos! Spanish Levels 1a-4, Bien dit! French Levels 1a-3, ¡Exprésate! Spanish Levels 1a-3, and Discovering French, Nouveau! Levels 1a-3.

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