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The University of Texas at Arlington, commonly referred to as UTA, is one of the largest universities in Texas; with 180 degree programs and rapidly expanding research programs. The university prides itself on being technologically advanced, and the UTA bookstore is no exception. Students can choose to rent or purchase printed textbooks, or rent or purchase increasingly popular etextbooks.

The UTA bookstore is located at:

400 S. Pecan St.
Arlington, TX 76010

Students can take advantage of the many options available on the UTA bookstore website and rent, buy and sell textbooks. The official bookstore website can be found at the following link:

Lets Go Mavericks - UTA(Photo by Sadie Hernandez)

Etextbooks are available for purchase or rent through the CafeScribe platform. UTA students can choose to rent a textbook for 180 days or purchase the book and have access to it forever. Digital textbooks offered at the UTA online bookstore are up to 60% cheaper than traditional printed textbooks and offer students convenient, immediate access to their required learning materials.

In addition to providing the basic text, CafeScribe etextbooks offer search, sorting, and special bookmarking tools to aid students in studying more quickly and effectively. CafeScribe etextbooks also offer a truly innovative “read aloud” feature that allows students to listen to the book, rather than reading the material. These online textbooks also allow students to connect and share ideas and notes with other students as well as with instructors.

Students who choose to purchase printed textbooks can purchase them in the UTA bookstore or directly on the website. Students also have the option to sell books back in-store or through the website to receive money for textbooks that are no longer needed. A student that chooses to return textbooks through the UTA bookstore website will visit the site and enter the ISBN’s for the books they wish to return. After entering in this information, students simply print a pre-paid shipping label and they’ll receive free return shipping.

One privately owned alternative to the UTA bookstore is:

Stanza Textbooks
1307 South Cooper Street
Arlington, TX 76010

UTA students can purchase textbooks from them online at:

Students can also check out the learning material selection in their local store, as well as sell back used textbooks and receive cash. The Stanza Textbooks website offers free shipping on purchases and on books being sold back.

Another alternative to the UTA bookstore is:

The College Store
604 Doug Russell Road
Arlington, TX 76010

UTA students can visit The College Store’s website at:

The College Store offers new and used textbooks for purchase or rent. The College Store advertises a low price guarantee on in-store rentals. They also offer a promise to beat a lower price from another local bookstore by 10%.

More general information about the University of Texas at Arlington can be found at their official website:

Check out the UTA bookstore Facebook page for updates and possible textbook-related discounts. There is also a UTA bookstore Foursquare page that contains student feedback and tips regarding the bookstore’s products and services. One UTA student felt that the UTA bookstore’s prices were a bit on the high-end, and her attitude reflects the thoughts and statements of most students when asked about prices charged on many items at their University bookstores.

For directions, news, student reviews, and more, visit the UTA bookstore’s Google Places page.

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