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Below is a MASSIVE list of other free online textbooks sites that I have found on the net. Once again, I am sure you will find SOMETHING useful in this goldmine of links below! Also included is an extensive list of free online college level courses!

Click Here to view our collection of free online textbooks — available for instant download/access — about all different kinds of academic subjects like Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Foreign Languages, Business, English & Literature, etc! If you can’t find a free, open alternative or version of the textbook you need for school in our collection, then we encourage you to take a look at the websites below.

Free Textbooks and/or Course Notes

Free etextbooks are sorely needed by college students, many of the books that college students need can cost up to $200 a piece. With free textbooks the student saves money, they can read their books online very easily, and many schools offer their own etextbooks for students that cannot afford the hard copy of the book.

Open textbooks are college textbooks, typically available as etextbooks, that are offered online from the university or college. These books are offered for free to students through digital access. The student can download a copy of their textbook through a designated download link, usually provided by their school. Instructors can adjust the text to suit their specific course needs and remove certain chapters, etc. This is great for students that cannot afford to purchase the textbook in time for when class starts.

Aussie Educator Textbooks — has an extensive collection of textbooks
Bibliomania reference books, literature notes, study guides, articles, interviews…
Bookboon concise free textbooks that contain advertising
Business Textbook Internet Library— many business areas
Community College Consortium Open Educational Resources Open Content
Creative Commons — click on Find CC Licensed Work, enter the subject area
Digital Book Index provides links to more than 130,000 title records, 90,000 of these books are free.
Economic Textbooks has books for economics majors and professionals.
Free Non-business Textbooks from Anthropology to Software and Sociology and beyond.
Freeload Press has free college textbooks paid for with advertising.
Global Text Project — click on the Books tab.
Gradesaver Online Study Guides — extensive listing grouped alphabetically for easier access.
HippoCampus has audio/video lectures on Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Physics, Religion, and U.S. History.
iLumina has sharable undergraduate teaching materials for chemistry, biology, physics, math, and CS. science.
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (US) provides access to content of popular courses.
Light and Matter open source physics textbooks
Mathematics textbooks online — George Cain, School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
MBA Prerequisite Books and Notes — many business areas
MIT OpenCourseWare
National Academies Press, The — read more than 3 000 books online.
Online Books Internet Library –many areas, especially literature.
Online Medical Textbooks — has a wide a variety.
Online Science and Math Textbooks — biochemistry, chemistry, aeronautics, medical manuals
Open Book Project seeks to encourage and coordinate collaboration among students and teachers
Open College Textbooks is a commercial digital-textbook publisher offering free open textbooks.
Open Course Ware Finder allows users to search six open courseware sites simultaneously.
Oxford Scholarship Online — monographs in many academic areas and 1,350 Oxford books.
Perseus Digital Library, The from Tufts University, Perseus Digital Library brings a wide range of source materials.
Pink Monkey — study guides, book notes, and online textbooks for 15 subjects.
Quick Notes Course Outlines — accounting, economics, statistics, mathematics
Saskatchewan University (CA) has general engineering class notes.
Science Texts an extensive list from Professor Mark Dubin, at the University of Colorado
Sparknotes study guides in booklet form covering a range of areas is predominantly Language based.
The Assayer coves many areas, specializes in math and science.
Tufts OpenCourseWare
Wikibooks open-content textbooks — many diverse areas
Web-Books.Com has over 1,000 free public domain e-book downloads.
World Wide School® Library — Literature, Social Sciences etc. divided into language sub-directories.

Many students learn through auditory presentation and others learn visually, therefore digital textbooks are an excellent learning tool for those that learn in an unconventional way. Etextbooks allow the student to search for specific items and go to specific pages with one click. Etextbooks also allow the reader to receive updated versions of the book with ease. Free, digital textbooks and course notes can be located from colleges and university websites, as well as other etextbook repositories online. These kinds of textbooks can typically be downloaded to several mobile devices and are capable of being read anywhere. Etextbooks allow students to utilize several books at a time and access them without the need for a book bag!

Free Courses

Online classes are great for many students because so many students are older and working or they have families, and with online classes they can have a full time job and take a full schedule of classes and study whenever they have a free moment. With online classes the student does not have to sit in a classroom and they don’t have to worry about transportation costs. They can do their class work anytime anywhere without ever leaving their home or they can do it while they are on the go.

100 Free Online Ivy League Courses
Academic Earth – Video lectures from the world’s top scholars
National Repository of Online Courses — high school, AP and college courses
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
Johns Hopkins
Notre Dame
Open Course Ware Consortium has an extensive list of open courses by country.
Sofia from Foothill-De Anza CC with testing material makes this truly a user friendly site.
Utah State University OpenCourseWare
Yale Open Educational Resources Initiative
University of California’s College Prep Online (Advanced Placement and other courses online) is a registry of textbooks and text book material that is open in accordance with the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD).
Wikibooks — offers over 30,000 open-content textbooks.
Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources, which was founded by the Foothill-De Anza Community College District and the League for Innovation in the Community College.
The Free Textbook Project help in creating and sharing educational materials.

Free textbooks/open textbooks and online classes are essential for learning in today’s world. Many colleges and universities are getting in on the act and they are providing more and more textbooks for students via digital media at no cost to the student, evident by our list above.

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