Anyone who has gone to post secondary education can attest to the high costs associated with it. Fortunately, advancement in technology has given us the advent of Kno. While many students may not “know Kno” yet (pun intended), it is certainly poised to change the way people study. It allows information to be disseminated in a digital format. This allows people to read things without having to carry heavy books and textbooks.

Prior to the deployment of the Kno platform, anyone wanting to study had to purchase a textbook, usually a costly and very heavy textbook. Also, these textbooks sometimes only had a few relevant chapters to be reviewed for the class intended, leaving the rest as a waste. Kno has aligned itself with some of the “heavyweight” textbook publishers, including McGraw-Hill textbooks, John Wiley & Sons, and Pearson textbooks, just to name a few.

Students that want to study can access the Kno system in three different ways. There is an app that can be downloaded, so the student can can get access to Iphone textbooks or Ipad textbooks. Students also have the option to go to the Kno website to view their textbooks. The third option to access the Kno platform and use the application is by going directly through Facebook, which a lot of students find to be extremely convenient as they are using Facebook throughout the day already. When a student wants to to find their textbook, no longer do they have to line up at the campus book store hoping to get what they need, only to find out there are no more in stock. With Kno, students simply go to the website, type in the their required textbook author’s name, title, or ISBN number and that is all that is required.

A major reason why Kno is gaining such popularity is the costs, or lack thereof. Since the educational content is delivered in a digital format, it brings costs down for everyone involved. There is no need to print the textbooks, which saves trees and helps the environment. Also, there is no expensive distribution expenses since everything is conducted online in a digital format.

Kno even allows students to quiz themselves on the textbooks they are viewing. The quality of the pictures with the “zoom in and zoom out” feature adds a new dimension of “readability” that is sure to impress most people. Individuals are also able to create their own material and distribute it over the network. This is something that was simply unheard of a few years ago.

With so much to offer, it is very clear why students are using Kno to make the most of their budget. Since the costs of education are continuing to climb without abatement, while students cannot control the cost of tuition, the benefits of the technology has helped make education a little more affordable, and significantly more convenient. Kno is poised to establish itself as the industry standard where students can retire their backpacks that were previously used for lugging around heavy textbooks and fill them with electronic devices instead.

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