Heinemann had it’s start in London, founded by William Heinemann in 1890, it published translations of classic British literature as well as such authors as Rudyard Kipling and H.G. Wells. Through the intervening years, the imprint became known for publishing textbooks and instructional materials and thus began to place its focus on supporting and supplying educators. An United States subsidiary was founded on the east coast in 1978 and quickly became an industry leader, providing books for teachers of language arts K through 12.

The clear mission statement for Heinemann is a whole-hearted commitment to education and educators while striving to keep their materials accessible to everyone. Their authors are educators and they provide much more than just written material; videos, online courses and workshops are also among the offerings. A strong belief in a philosophy of progressiveness drives the company to empower and support teachers so they can, in turn, empower their students. Heinemann understands how the teacher and student dynamic needs for the teacher to be not only informed, but enthusiastic and well prepared.

Heinemann has an extensive catalog that caters to all grade levels. It has an impressive library of Language Arts selections covering reading, writing, literacy and English language acquisition. With various specialties including poetry, gender, at risk and literature study, a teacher will find this a very valuable resource. One can also find materials for Early Childhood Education, staff development and math and there is also a growing library of titles for social studies, art education and science.

Just as there are many ways to learn, there are many ways to teach and Heinemann embraces that idea with a catalog that includes more than just books. For instance, one can opt to purchase a title bundled with a companion DVD for an enhanced primer. There is also a substantial number of stand alone DVD titles such as The Culturally Responsive Teacher and The Fostering Geometric Thinking Toolkit. Some of the bundles even include a text, DVD and online clips for in depth exploration of topics.

There are professional development services offered by Heinemann as well. The roster includes on-site seminars, multi-day workshops and video and web based programs. Always striving to be comprehensive, an educator can find topics to help them encourage and enhance student participation or to learn the newest and most sophisticated teaching tools available. A school or a district also has the opportunity to bring the authors directly to them by using Heinemann Consultants, letting the experts bring their content directly to educators.

The best teachers never stop learning and Heinemann understands and embraces that philosophy. Invigorating and empowering those who teach our children is a responsibility that they take very seriously.

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