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Pearson Longman, a division of Pearson Education, has long been recognized as one of the foremost publishers of language textbooks for middle and high school students, as well as adult learners of the English language.

The textbooks of pearson longman cover a wide variety of topics within the realm of language skills. Categories for the publishers include grammar, basic literacy, idioms, lifeskills and civics, liguistics, pronunciation, reading and writing and exam preparation. The publishers at pearson longman recognize that language educators have a wide variety of needs, and they publish books with those instructional needs in mind.

Pearson longman’s grammar category includes a wide variety of grammar books and interactive programs to introduce and build upon basic and advanced grammar. All are designed to quickly bring English learners up to speed. Some are very basic and include pictures for illustration, whereas others are more advanced and provide many exercises and examples for skills practice. They even have several compact dictionaries for convenience and portability.

While their textbooks clearly have language learners in mind they also cover more than just language. Topics on history, math, science and social studies are all covered by separate textbooks designed with the struggling reader or language learner in mind. The student struggling to read does not have to struggle in math as well; these basic books make other subject matter accessible even to a student who does not have strong language skills.

Their textbooks also cover reference materials including a variety of dictionaries and picture dictonaries. They have specific texts on vocabulary and assessment beginning at the kindergarten level as well. The dictionaries come with a variety of language background in mind, including English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Some of the pearson longman dictionaries are highly illustrated to make vocabulary learning easier, while others have fewer illustrations and a more advanced vocabulary is required. The publisher also provides idiom, phrasal and pronunciation dictionaries.

Perhaps even more impressive, the pearson longman publishing company does not restrict itself solely to hard copy textbooks. The e-learning selection includes interactive, online grammar practice and laboratory and real-life listening skills practice for ESL students.

Pearson longman goes above the cut by recognizing the need for educator instruction as well. The pearson longman line of textbooks includes different books and programs for educators who teach ESL, or who need more information on principles of education or strategies in reaching those struggling with language skills.

The publishers recognize the importance placed on testing in today’s education system. This is why they have a line of books dedicated to test preparation, most of which are geared towards helping students succeed at the TOEFL.

For some students, language learning can be difficult. For educators with access to Pearson Longman textbooks, teaching it doesn’t have to be.

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